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March 12th, 2018

Page 621

Poor Evil.  There is no trust :)  Which is the same problem I have with the twins when I ask them to go to the bathroom and they claim they don’t have to… bull shit son(s).  I long ago lost faith.

Vote Incentive: Happy belated International Women’s Day!  I hope it was ‘Wonder’ful!

Black Panther ladies!  Get the design on a tee from Neatorama :D


  1. Vausch

    Well if he didn’t before he now has an idea when things get slow.

    Sara and Cara, make sure you keep your hairbrushes locked up.

  2. T-Shaw

    Fact: Lech is, and always a douchebag when it come talking to girls.

  3. Siraj

    Interestingly, I feel like Evil really didn’t have a paw in this one. It’s petty. Evil doesn’t do petty, he goes for over the top hamminess. This seems like it’d be… beneath him.

  4. Athlone

    First 8 panels are all Ineed to ship the nicest bear and most evil bear together

  5. Scarfy

    May I ask what your timezone is? Not meaning to pry, but these always get updated around like, 1-3am for me. ;w; Makes me happy, since I rarely sleep though…

    Btw, I love Cara so much! Especially her personality (don’t be too trusting of Evil now).

  6. Todd Maccarone

    I still believe that Evil is behind this! Besides, who else would know how to get the Bears sick like this? Also, the voodoo dolls… Never before has Evil been deceitfully charming like this (and frankly, Evil X Cara isn’t the weirdest ship I’ve seen… There is much weirder out there).

  7. Pyrpyr

    LMAO Evil working that angle!

  8. Abdiel Martinez

    I love Evil’s face in the fourth panel

  9. Abdiel Martinez

    *fifth whoops

  10. BarbWhat

    “Of course my lady”
    *tips fedora*

  11. Glowworm

    I loved Evil trying to be sneaky yet classy to Cara at the same time. Very cute yet crafty!

  12. Urago

    @Athlone: I prefer Cara with Prozac. :P

  13. chasey

    Awww, now how could you still want to do evil things to her voodoo doll after she just complimented your craftmanship and was so very sweet to you? D:
    Oh. Right. You’re Evil.
    But I’ve started to think you’re genuinely confused and didn’t actually tamper with the water in any way. Like I said before: there are plenty of enemies the bears have made in the zoo over the years.

  14. admin

    @Scarfy: I’m in the Eastern zone (Ontario, Canada)

  15. Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo

    hmm.. didn’t Evil steal some funky looking medecines a while back? laxatives maybe… ;)

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