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February 26th, 2018

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And this was my little cousin on the plane back from Mexico… one set of little cousins were apparently feeling sick before we even left Ottawa, then they shared of course and other kids came home sick.  Bit not mine fortunately :D  Owen just wet the bed and Evan had a little bit of traveler’s diarrhea- GOOD TIMES :)

Vote Incentive: speaking of vomit…or hair balls in this case.


  1. Shenny

    I like how Vanity’s crusted over vomit has a darker color than the fresh does.

  2. T-Shaw

    Now we’re getting somewhere.

  3. FiliasNox

    Guinness don’t have that effect …at least not one.

  4. chasey

    I mean, to be fair, lots of enemies have been made by the bears. But Evil sure hasn’t shown himself since chapter’s started so…

  5. Hake Feretto

    The name of Evil it’s always pronounced for the bad joke. But there I don’t know … it’s much too “easy” and “logical” to accuse him. I even have a strange feeling about this story, as if something was telling me that Evil is “for once” not responsible. And Evil has never taken directly to Prozac and Death since the beginning of the series. If it turns out that it’s finaly him it will a big first!!

  6. Abdiel Martinez

    Poor Tanked is always their canary

  7. Todd Maccarone

    I called it, and I’m sticking to it! Evil is behind this- he has to be! Who else would plan something like this happening? Also, poor Tanked… He will be okay, right?

  8. TaggertShare

    Tank could probably use a Shot of Brandy or a Hot Toddy. Be careful Sara. It would be a shame to get puke all over your skirt.

  9. Bry

    but Evil is reformed, he wouldnt do this! ….er…right…?

  10. Bri

    LOL @ the last panel. Even Cracked is not having it.

    I’m wondering how Cara managed to get vomit on her when she was hiding behind her sister … :s

  11. Trolldrool

    I’m with Hake Feretto on account of the fact that Evil has never intentionally gone after Prozac. Nerd or Cracked or Vanity or Gay etc, sure. Reformed or not, they’re still fair game to his nonlethal pranks as far as he’s concerned. No problem going after them, or Tanked or Lech. But he’s scared of Prozac. If Evil is behind this, this will be a definite first. That or he’s being very careless and didn’t plan on Prozac being afflicted.

  12. Hake Feretto

    Exactly ^^ but Evil never “miss” his target, and he never affects a person “unintentionally” he always foresees “who” and
    “how” and Prozac is not the only one he has never attacked, Death is also at the top of the hierachi with Prozac for our litle Evil.

    I would even say that Death and Prozac are the only bears he “respects” more or less. And don’t forget that : Evil Always obey to Prozac or Death (often reluctantly but never ask his rest).

    However remember that the one time when Evil has tell he was “Sorry” it’s directly to Prozac ( when he has kidnaped a little boy in the zoo and after Prozac caths him the hand in the bag!) while he had never apologized to anyone before and after Death was directly come to talk with him of his past and it was here that we have discovered for the first time the childhood of our little Albinos Bear.

    So here I really think that for one time Evil is not “the bad guy” and maybe probably affected too, in this case only Two thing :

    -Polar bears are responsible (it’s a big possibility)

    The “bad bear” is a certain “fat bear” (I don’t remember his name) who has been part of the family in the past but was released and has a great reason to “want to get rid of” Evil who destroyed his kingdom and all the other bears who participated in that.

    Here these my theorie. ^^

  13. CorvusCorone68

    heh Cracked was the only one who didn’t get vomit on him from Tanked

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