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February 5th, 2018

Page 616

Back from Mexico!  Arrived in Ottawa at 4 am, out scraping ice off the car by 4:30 in the parking lot, minus the gloves I forgot to pack, in a minor snow storm.  It was actually not too cold considering Feb in Canada.  Home by 5:30, did some unpacking cause I was too wired to sleep.  Passed out at 7, woken up by noisy kids at 9:45.  Shovelled.
Wedding was beautiful, weather was awesome, though it was too windy that night to have dinner outside which would have been nice.  Can’t complain though, amazing trip, belly is sun burnt.  All the kids on the trip were either sick before they got there, had some diarrhoea/vomiting, or were fine all week and then threw up on the plane.  Evan decided to pee himself at the reception, cause he’s all about the timing.
I’m going to bed.





  2. Vausch

    Why do they put an expiration date on sour cream?

    Seriously though, y’all have lived with Evil how long and he wasn’t the first person you thought to confront?

  3. T-Shaw

    Hey, I wonder where Evil is…..

  4. Kath

    And dont forget sugar! a very light caramel color bear with a sugar rock on the belly and a wooden chipping hammer.
    Long eyelashes and doe eyes this bear is so sweet until it begins to bounce off the walls with its energy then falls asleep face plant into the floor.

  5. Abdiel

    Expired yogurt and sour cream sounds like the same thing.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    I’m still sticking with Evil being behind this! As for what may have caused this- sour cream wasn’t what I thought would be the cause. Also, on an unrelated note, the “Caffeine Bear” shown below the comic- I hope he becomes a canon character!

  7. Amber

    The coffee bear has the jitters o.o

  8. Bri

    … I also wonder where Gimp is, and if he got sick too!

    (I look forward to eventually reading an arc revolved around him, sobs.)

  9. Abdiel

    @Bri Death said Gimp was washing the vomit out of his mask.

  10. chasey

    Still seems overdone for Evil to be behind this, but it’s looking more and more like it’s his doing! Where is he?!

  11. Trolldrool

    It definitely fits with Evil’s character. What makes it seem improbable is that it fits best in the early part of the comic, when we were introduced to his character. Now that he’s a well established character, the plot seems to build up to a scenario where he gets blamed unjustly. It doesn’t fit the dynamic as well as it used to. I’ve gotten used to seeing Evil plot his wicked schemes first and then we see what happens when his plan is set in motion. He’s also more hesitant to deliberately target Prozac than he is the rest of the group.

    I’m certainly not ruling him out. Just that as the dynamic currently is, he would be a much, much more probable suspect if it was only a select few bears, like Nerd and Vanity and Tanked who were afflicted.

  12. TailaBlu

    Hiii! It’s been a while since I posted about this comic, but, yay!~ Out of my shell!~

    Here’s my theory: Biohazard Bear is the cause of the tainting! Okay, silly answer, but I do have a lot of fun might-never-come-to-pass ideas for her, regardless.

  13. TailaBlu

    @Kath “Sugar Bear” sound so cute! Can we just have her as a mascot for the readers? A cute little ball of demented energy? Bonus points if she’s small like Vanity and resembles that blue eyed brown furred bear in the first comics!

  14. Taggert Share

    Coffee Bear is an awesome concept. I am a bit of a Bear if I don’t get my morning and evening cup of coffee. As for what is getting every Bear sick, I am sure is something most of us won’t guess at correctly. Only the Author knows for sure!

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