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February 12th, 2018

Page 617

Happy Monday everyone! ¬†I’m writing this Sunday night before I go to bed, watching the freezing rain coming down and crossing my fingers that they don’t cancel the school buses tomorrow :( ¬†Mondays are the best day of the week: back to school boys!!

I’ve been slowly re-watching some of the Marvel movies before the Black Panther premiere, had to doodle some bro love for Valentine’s Day :)


  1. Shenny

    Lech you may be out to get Gay right now….but at the end of the day, you still used his toothbrush. :/

    Prozac has no more fucks to give.

  2. tripleqmark

    That’s an indirect kiss right?

  3. Vausch

    Sigh, I know the feeling Crack. I love muffins but I’m just not allowed to have them.

    Lech, you did use Gay’s toothbrush. You might as well have just kissed him.

  4. Francis-Olivier

    Yeah that’s right Crack. When you shout doomsday theories everyone thinks you’re a freak but they’ll believe Nerd in a heartbeat.

  5. Athlone

    Panel 9.
    Finally, Prozac shut those two in a room to work out their tensions.

  6. T-Shaw


  7. MicaXIII

    you open the door again and they’ll be making out lol

  8. Todd Maccarone

    I’m still pinning this on Evil! Just one thing- what exactly is Lech saying in panel 5? “Simple is better, you putz”?

  9. Aloof

    Lech and Gay are reaching dangerous levels of gayness lol


    It must be something in the toothbrush supply.

  11. Abdiel Martinez

    Crack in the last panel: “Why can he shout conspiracies and I can’t?”

  12. TaggertShare

    Ew, using some Bear else’s tooth brush. For once I am rooting for Gay to win a Round against Lech.

  13. Potato

    I think everyone pretty much ships Gay and Lech by now

  14. tripleqmark

    Yes, but when will it be canon?

  15. N0083rp00F

    @tripleqmark – When evil loads em in and pulls the trigger. Where would he get a cannon you ask? When is the Circus back in town?

  16. Kaydrien Iceclaw

    Wondered when they’d come up with the water thing.

  17. rugibess

    @ triplewqmark I think We will have to get both of their backstories first… so maybe in a couple of years?

  18. blakemole

    1.We haven’t seen Evil barf…
    2.Water…could it be the polar bears having their revenge (Although I’d be curious to know how they did it…)

  19. Uzoma Michael Ahamef Uwanamodo

    Lech should’ve just stolen a kiss, same effect, less gross

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