Page 615
January 29th, 2018

Page 615

Currently in Mexico for my cousin’s wedding :) ┬áHere’s hoping none of us drowns or gets heat stroke…again (the heat stroke thing, not the drowning.)

In the meantime, Evil gets ready for Valentine’s Day :D (get the design on a shirt at Neato)


  1. Vausch

    Wow, Cara xD Still, even Crack used to struggle with eating meat too due to his phobias. Dunno if that changed and he started eating it just out of sheer hunger.

  2. Jr Lake

    Hope everything goes well in the wedding!d her

    Im sure everyone will believe Evil to be the culprit…maybe Tanked messed up the food somehow…

    Or there may be…someone very FAT and ORANGE trying to pin this on Evil…

  3. Shubi

    I REALLY like how calm Crack is, he’s still paranoid, but at least he’s not panicking and exaggerating like he would before his origin story! I think it’s a great change in his character!

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this page was… Something. As for the food poisoning, the fact that Vanity doesn’t eat what the others eat means that my initial theory about Evil and Vanity both being behind this could have a chance of working again. Not much, but it’s there…

  5. Abdiel

    I like the evil design, he looks very nice!

  6. MicaXIII

    feels like Crack really did remain changed after his whole recent event. like while he’s still jumping to the worst case scenario, I feel like in an earlier comic this would cause him to start screaming but here he seems to hold himself together better.

  7. Peanutbutter

    @ Todd: but vainty is sick too. Evil is the only bear not here so you might be right in one area

  8. T-Shaw

    So to be clear then: Kara’s a vegetarian.

  9. Xuncu

    Prozac ain’t havin none of yer bear-sheez today, missy.

  10. Dusk

    Cara don’t go all Kankri Vantas on us. A simple I don’t eat meat works too.

  11. TaggertShare

    So, Cara is a vegetarian Bear. Never would have thought that. Maybe they all got Flu Shots. I know a lot of Humans who got them only to get sick with the flu anyway! Myself, I have had very bad reactions to Flu shots. Now I can only have an occasional Pneumonia Shot to lessen the danger of catching Influenza. C’est la vie.

  12. Bri

    Echoing the others in appreciating the continuity of Crack’s story and development!

  13. StoticM

    Hmm, crazy thought, maybe the water is tainted? Also, Cara is vegetarian? Huh, that’s…kinda cool all things considered.

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