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January 22nd, 2018

Page 614

And that last panel has happened to us many, many times :P  And it always amazes me when they do things like throw up in their beds, or all over the hall on the way to the bathroom.  Do they not feel it coming??  I’ve always felt it, uncomfortably, well in advance of actually vomiting and have lots of time to hang miserably over a toilet bowl.   The kids always seem completely taken by surprise.  Ugh.

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Deeeeeaaaattthhhhhh Bear!


  1. Peanutbutter

    Blah, SPEW! lol

  2. Vausch

    Food poisoning hits hard and fast when it hits. That or Evil has been playing with ipecac.

  3. Elena Murphy

    Oh are we sharing barfing stories?!?!?! My daughter once barfed out of the top of a bunk bed onto the floor. It was a hardwood floor so it ricocheted up and everywhere. I had to clean the floor and every square inch of the room from the ground up to about 4 feet. Walls. Toys. The bed. Good times.

  4. chasey

    Evil’s the only one not seen puking or holding his tummy/covered in barf yet. And this honestly has Evil written all over it. Although, it’s a much better twist it if turns out this wasn’t Evil!

  5. T-Shaw

    Who’s to blame?
    Hint: he likes to pull laxative pranks.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, so Vanity isn’t part of this… That’s half of my theory ruined. Still banking on Evil doing this!

  7. Vausch

    I dunno, Chasey. Sara clutching her stomach there looks in reaction to Vanity rather than her being sick. I doubt it was her, just maybe she avoided the inciting event.

  8. Urago

    Death looks cute in that Death Bear Stare picture.

  9. justacritic

    Cracked seems relatively calm for sleeping in a cesspool of contamination

  10. gridsleep

    Just out of curiosity, do you pay license fees to Disney for all those likenesses?

  11. Abdiel

    Crack is still clean, even though he threw up in his sleep like Vanity. His bed is probably a mess though.

  12. Nicole

    @gridsleep: I think it would be more of a Care Bear infraction than Disney. ;)

  13. Trolldrool

    Out of all of them, I think the one I feel the most sorry for is Gimp. Throwing up is uncomfortable enough on its own, but whenever I do, the vomit at least has somewhere to go. To throw up while having my mouth covered by a mask would be truly horryfying.

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