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January 15th, 2018

Page 613

As we sit deeply in cold and flu season here, I hope I’m not jinxing myself.  We were pretty lucky last winter with none of the boys really getting anything serious (if you don’t count some constantly drippy noses serious but I was damn sick of finding snot trails everywhere), even our doctor was impressed.  Yay us?

Vote incentive: the spirit animal for all those New Year’s resolutions to shed some pounds…

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  1. T-Shaw


  2. MustacheHam

    ooh, looks like a stomach flu runs amok with these bears. :(

  3. LateToTheGame

    A joke about the Flu season? I can almost relate if it were not for the stupid codeine making me doze off every other minute.

  4. IWX

    Death looks so betrayed. At least he’ll have some comfort in confirming Prozac didn’t do it.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Oh, great- a flu epidemic with the Bears! Still, I know somehow, Evil and (possibly) Vanity had their paws in this… Chances are I’ll be wrong when the next page comes out, but it’s fun to think up possible explanations for the Bears’ misfortunes.

  6. Sterling Rodd

    It really is true that less is more. I’m still laughing. What’s unseen could hardly have been bettered upon. :)

  7. Kaydrien Iceclaw

    Why the heck are you asking Pro… Oh right the Christmas thing.

  8. Abdiel

    It will probably fall to Prozac to take care of them all even if he also doesn’t feel good.

  9. Bry

    aww, poor babies seem sick… :(

  10. Potato

    Gay’s conversation with Lech sounds omg XD

  11. Scarfy

    Oh, so it’s not revenge from the others, as we’ve grown accustomed to. o0o Curiosity intensifies!

  12. gridsleep

    You aren’t getting rid of everyone through trichinosis, are you? Is this the end?

  13. Trolldrool

    Someone guessed foodpoisoning earlier and that’d be my guess too. While the flu does involve a lot of vomiting, to have all the bears get sick within presumably 10 minutes of each other makes it far more likely they all ate something they shouldn’t have. If they all eat at the same time anyway.

  14. BrokenPigeon

    relatable as all get out!!!

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