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January 8th, 2018

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Minus 20 something yesterday (-30 something in the wind) and due for a high of +1 today… that’s extreme.  The kind of weather I like shovelling in!  And considering the 3-4 pounds of shortbread I have to work off…

Vote Incentive: winter warm up friends around the fire (till bear totally pushes that rabbit in)


  1. Vausch


  2. T-Shaw

    IT’S A TIE!!!!!!!!


    I WIN!!

  4. Project_Demise

    Jeez does EVERYONE have the plague?

  5. Abdiel

    food poisoning maybe

  6. ???

    Thats an accurate description of the effect “Vomiting because seen vomit…”

  7. IWX

    Vanity’s revenge?

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… Everyone threw up, one after the other. This has Evil (and maybe Vanity, too) written all over it!

  9. Hake Feretto

    Hmm… personnaly I think that Prozac is responsible of this situation cause of the last story ( even if Nerd was just a Victim and here too unfortunatly for him)

  10. Sterling Rodd

    I’m pretty sure this was one of those spring-lever tabletop games when I was a kid in the 70s. Sort of the reverse of Hungry Hungry Hippos: BARFING BEARS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME, AND WHOEVER’S BEAR BARFS LAST WINS!! So who was playing Gay? You win, kid! :)

  11. Glowworm

    This reminds me of that infamous Family Guy scene in which Brian, Stewie, Chris and Peter try to see who can last the longest without vomiting.

  12. TaggertShare

    Wow. If they were Care Bears I would think they have Feel Blue Flu. Heck of way to end a Card Game. Wonder if one of them is The Joker.

  13. chasey

    I guess it’s flu season for the bears too??? But the arc title makes me think it’s pretty obviously not flu. The chances of them throwing up all at once is pretty slim, but if they all had dinner at the same time that makes way more sense if dinner was tainted!

  14. Zachary Parrish

    It’s a post new year’s Barf Fest! Woo!

  15. CorvusCorone68

    i think it’s just sympathetic barfing, like sympathetic yawning

  16. The Riftalope

    Flu attack!!! NOOOOooooo…..*!

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