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November 13th, 2017

Page 604

The neighbours have their Christmas lights up already.  Kids are pestering me to put up the tree…still haven’t gotten all the Halloween stuff down yet :P
So I posted that first panel on the Facebook page a few days ago and mentioned it’s one of my favourite drawings in the last little while.  Such a happy wittle Death!  I get that some people are keen to read/infer relationship status into everything, which is fine, but my thoughts on Death are a bit simpler about this point: he’d be happy with anybody (well, probably not Steven and co.).  I was reading an article about loneliness that was terribly depressing.  Basically, a lack of meaningful contact and relationships can be more detrimental to one’s health than obesity or heart disease.  We are very social creatures it seems.

Vote incentive: Stranger BFFs

Speaking of Christmas, shop Dooomcat stuff: cards/prints/phone cases on Red Bubble and Tees/hoodies on Neatoshop.

Plus I got to see Thor on the weekend :)  Fun! Maybe a bit too comedic for the subject matter, but definitely entertaining.  I want more Valkyrie!


  1. ok

    oh my

  2. Shenny

    Gimp is always happy to oblige, even if it’s not something he’s wild about. What a good friend.

  3. LateToTheGame

    Given how gory this comic can get it looks like just a harmless* prank that the animals are playing along with. Besides, you do not get to cover yourself up with ketchup every day of the week.

  4. sulfurwolf1

    The psycological damage done to nerd must be tramatizing anyway, setting that aside awwwww look at death and gimp that is just adorable.

  5. Brian Hibbs

    That smile he’s got is creepy. That seems really desperate. It’s not only sad it’s disturbing.

    Just how isolated is he? Like I get he doesn’t hang with them that often, as we saw from the time at the pool, but the intensity here makes it seem almost like he’s actively shunned by the others.

  6. gamehunter8

    Death X Gimp <3

  7. rugibess

    Death looks super cute. Gimp looks a little jaded for some reason.

  8. rugibess

    @Brian Hibbs he likes being able to touch somebody for once

  9. Brian Hibbs

    @rubibess: You’re right, and it makes me wonder where they got that suit. If they didn’t steal it recently you would’ve expected death to wear it at least every once in a while so he could have that precious contact.

    It also makes me wonder why he doesn’t try other methods of obtaining contact. The only other time we’ve seen him touch others without meaning to zap them I can remember is when he helped Prozac dunk Tanked with a pair of oven mitts on.

  10. rugibess

    @ Brian Hibbs Isn’t it one of cracks hazmat suits?

    Also I guess that he was just unused to going out of his way to touch someone, so that when he woke up with Gimp he realized that he wanted to continue to have contact.

  11. Brian Hibbs

    @rugibees: You might be right about the suit, it makes sense that Crack wouldn’t lend it to anybody.

  12. Chris


  13. Athlone

    I like how the top priority of commenters here isn’t all the panels full of dead animals but the Gimp X Death panel in front. not that I’m complaining its super adorable.

  14. nooB

    C’mon Nerd, that much Ketchup smells strong enough to tell it’s not blood

  15. Digi

    holy shit for anyone but Death or maybe Lech thats taking it a bit far right lmao


    somethings out of place here

  17. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, leaving Nerd in a satanic circle, surrounded by dead animals (who was the guilty party for that, by the way?!), is where I draw the line! This is going too far, guys! I shudder to think what happened to the others…

  18. rugibess

    I honestly just assumed right off the bat that neither Sarah or Gay actually killed those animals, so I assume this setup was merely theatrics on their part

  19. kath

    yeah, unless of course evil found him passed out and did it.

  20. BarbWhat

    Uhhhh I’ll be honest I’m not sure I understand Death’s behavior.
    I eecently went back and read a few of the older entries for this and compared to then, it’s as if he and Gimp switched personalities or something. Death was the gloomy and constantly annoyed looking bear, suddenly he’s expressive and seems a lot happier, and Gimp is all annoyed and jaded compared to how loving and happy to help he was.
    Now I’d be okay with this if there was a major change that caused all of this but it’s too much of a sudden shift IMO
    I still love this comic and will continue reading it, but a little consistency in characterization is needed.

  21. Bry

    aaaand Nerd is now traumatized

  22. Bry

    @BarbWhat you have to remember, Death cant touch anybody without hurting them. the last time he was hugged was by Tanked and he got jolted, but in spite of that Tanked continued to hug him…and Death hugged back, SMILING. hes gloomy yes, but he strives for that loving touch

  23. Mr. Casual

    Okay, so far it’s just been light, funny stuff. But that’s just cruel and mean on poor Nerd. :( He’s probably the most inoffensive of the lot of them.

  24. chase

    I think neither Gay nor Sara would really murder little woodland critters just to mess with Nerd.
    If you look at all the animals, none of them look to be any sort of mangled, gored, or… eugh… open. Like the way the geese were with Crack. I think the animals are playing along and the next page will show them getting up and pointing and giggling at Nerd’s horror. AT least I do really hope so, because I DO see a bone next to the squirrel so that is going a bit far, seeing as they were trying to only mess with them, not traumatize them so that Cara wouldn’t be upset.

    We haven’t seen all of them yet, but so far the first two pairs were put into definitely funny/embarrassing situations rather than traumatic. If they’re going to go too far on someone, it’s going to be Gay going too far in whatever he does to Vanity, maybe? (Though I can’t wait to see that next!)

  25. gridsleep

    I have no idea what the vote incentive is about. I assume it has something to do with Stranger Days, which I have not watched.

  26. gridsleep

    Stranger Things, I mean. Stranger Days was a movie. That was interesting.

  27. Sterling Rodd

    Yes! So cool. :D

  28. Joseph R Richmond

    Man, poor Nerd. I’ve read all of the comics and I can’t think of a single thing he’s done to deserve this.

  29. Shenny

    Don’t forget that the last time Death was actually touched was the Crack arc. Cara gave his shoulder a reassuring pat, and she poofed up as a result. Death looked pretty downtrodden over it, if memory serves.

  30. chase

    Depending on when the Snow Day mini-arc happened canonically, Death got to hold hands with Sara AND Cara after they put on mittens to protect their paws. I mean, there were mittens to protect them, but there are still gloves here as well, so I guess it doesn’t matter much to Death if he’s stuck with gloves or not; all touch is good touch because it’s new! :D

  31. Hake Feretto

    Hmmmm why Nerd desserve this… I can’t really remember but… it’s not in part his fault if Gay was grieved burned cause of Voudoo stuff of Evil ? I really don’t remember exactly…

  32. TaggertShare

    That was a Bloody mean thing to do to Nerd. At least some Bear helped Death to have a day worth remembering.

  33. Scarfy

    And things have taken a turn for the worse, as they always do. >w>’

  34. Michael Sirius

    I will go down with the ship, thank you, that is all

  35. T-Shaw


  36. T-Shaw

    I’m alright with this.

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