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November 6th, 2017

Page 603

Awww Death :)

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  1. T-Shaw


  2. T-Shaw

    Omg I knew it!

  3. rugibess

    I wonder who’s origin story we will get next?

  4. rugibess

    Also this be some nice ship fuel :)

  5. Gamerlen

    Awww! :D

    Give him a hug Gimp, go on. He clearly needs one…

  6. Shenny

    Poor Death is starving for a bear touch. I bet he keeps the suit after this arc.

  7. Jkaboom

    Welp, can’t wait for next week

  8. Digi

    lmao I love nit. Death never really gets to touch anyone. This is the best.

  9. Treascair

    Death in footie jammies and… apparently gloves that keep his taser touch at bay. That’s both adorable and sweet. Also, I’m with rugibess up there, I’d love to see another origin story. Gimp’s OR Death’s!

  10. ok


    ***ship intestifies ;//v//;***

  11. tripleqmark

    Gimp isn’t going to leave him hanging is he? Look at that face! So cute.

  12. Athlone

    6th panel

    Note that Death’s eyes were already open when Gimp turned around. Its entirely possible that he was awake for quite a bit longer before Gimp woke up, and his expression is alarm at being caught rather than surprise at waking up in a compromising position.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    I can see why people would ship these two, but you have to remember- this could have happened between Death and anyone else, yet still regarded as non-shipping. Still, the fact neither of these two have had their origins discussed/displayed (yet) is rather interesting. Both of them are tales I’d really like to hear… Though maybe Gimp’s later… I still feel a little weird with him.


    Gay isn’t the one who positioned these two like that, is he?

  15. Abdiel

    Does Death’s head not shock people? It would’ve also been been funny if the positions were switched, because Gimp wouldn’t be able to explain himself.

  16. Reassembling

    Gimps face in the fourth panel

  17. Greg

    I melted :)

    lol @ Athlone, that’s quite possible.

  18. Glowworm

    This is actually adorable!

  19. Chris

    Now I want them to love each other.

  20. Shenny

    Abdiel, I’m pretty sure all of him shocks people. Cara got zapped when she touched Death’s shoulder during the…last Crack arc I wanna say.

  21. CrazyLuna

    Aww! Death’s expression is so cute! I’ve been hoping for a while now that there will eventually be a character immune to Death’s touch, so he can have someone that he can touch without fear.

  22. Brush

    Can we just enjoy the fact that they used the power to give someone who tries their best to help some much needed physical affection? Like, it would have been so easy to torment someone with Death’s touch, but instead they went sweet. Love subverting the usual idea of everyone messing with everyone else.

  23. Francis-Olivier

    I don’t think they were trying to help with that one.

  24. MicaXIII

    I’ve never thought of this ship before but I LIKE IT

    Gimp be like, “Ok but I like it without the gloves.”

  25. Anonymous

    So Death is bi(Given Sara’s pheromones work on him)? Good to see it not being treated like a big deal. :P

  26. chasey

    Think some peeps might be reading too much into it, hehe. Fact is, Death’s never been able to hug or cuddle ANYone and given this moment here, he found that he must really have been missing out on just being able to be close to someone. It just works out that Gimpy was the one they paired him with and he is a compassionate soul who has a hard time saying no. Either way, this is freaking ADORABLE.

  27. Spikeyz

    You really should turn this into a cartoon!

  28. Francis-Olivier

    I think I prefer to think that Death is Bi because the alternative is kinda pathetic.

  29. Brian Hibbs

    Does him being bisexual really change things all that much here? He’s still desperately trying to reach out to someone who he’s never indicated any prior affection towards.

    Being bi doesn’t automatically mean he’s too lovesick or attention starved to respect the fact that Gimp was in an uncomfortable situation that neither of them consented to.

    In either case it still seems to be because he rarely experiences any displays of affection that he wants more time with Gimp.

  30. TaggertShare

    Rejection hurts, even for Death. Just give him the Bear version of a Man Hug.

  31. Chels

    AWWWW Death <3 <3 <3
    He needs all the love…. <3 <3 <3 <3

  32. Paul

    I ship it.


    I feel like you guys are reading a little far into a joke.

  34. gamehunter8

    kawaii Death x Gimp <3 plz tell me Death likes girls and boys <3 also how is Gimp a Gimp iv he is not in to some duudes !??!

  35. Brian Hibbs

    I’m pretty sure Gimp’s schtick is associated with masochism. He showed Prozac a riding crop when Prozac was looking for ways to reduce stress if I’m not mistaken.

    Not necessarily indicative of who he’s attracted to, dudes or otherwise, just how he likes to do it with them.

    Of course maybe that means he’d like a shock from Death every now and then.

  36. Scarfy

    Awww, poor Death. Starved for affection. D:

  37. Mr Holiday

    Imagine if Evil got his hands on that suit.

    Death can’t do anything.

  38. DJChris

    This might be the first time Death ever touch anyone without killing any of them, man was he ever so happy at that last panel.

  39. Michael Sirius

    I’ve shipped the two of them for years tbh, this is a very pleasant surprise

  40. Nicole

    Awww…poor, sweet Death just wants to be able to cuddle. <3

  41. Nila

    After this page, Death became one of the CUTEST BN bears ^^
    He was just secretly lonely~

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