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October 30th, 2017

Page 602

Table flip!  And I want that dress :)

Vote Incentive: Sam is 8! And hanging with his marshmallow buddy :)

And continuing the BFF series with a classic movie that I think Sam is ready to watch (the twins will think it’s too scary and Evan will probably cry.  He sobbed during the Ninjago movie when Garmadon was eaten by the cat… so cute!)


  1. Shenny

    Evil gives no fucks I guess.

  2. James

    Evil can be Evil without being violent. Just look at the hate & frustration in Lech’s face in panel 6. I would love to see a blow up of that expression.

  3. TheFabulousEli

    How dare you! You can only flip tables on game night!

  4. Francis-Olivier

    Could it be that we went too far with Leech? Is it even possible to go too far with Leech? We may never get answers… until next week.

  5. Mr Holiday

    Gay outdone Evil, which I can’t say is a small feat, especially how he left actual edible food for them, no less than tea and cookies, likely to entice them to go along with it.

    And Evil was so pleased, he went along with it.

  6. T-Shaw

    Evil seems to be enjoying this, even though it’s embarrassing.

  7. Jkaboom

    Why, i’ll have you know that this dress is utterly FABULOUS, how DARE you insult it in such a way!

  8. Project_Demise

    Evil has really upped his game. He’s being *gasp* subtle!

  9. Vausch

    Lech has no chill.

    I love that Evil just rolled with it. “Oh, I’m in a hotdog costume? Oh well. Hey, tea and biscuits!” And of course Lech can’t handle anything that makes him feel even slightly emasculated.

  10. Aldin

    I love how the squirrels just sit through all this and continue to munch their cookies.

  11. Siraj

    I feel like Evil’s respecting the fact they managed to put one over on him, even unwillingly, and is taking the opportunity for some downtime before returning to his own manner of mayhem.

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Evil took this surprisingly well… Lech couldn’t have done worse with his reaction. Still, what on earth is happening with the others? Curse the week-long wait!

  13. Glowworm

    I love how happy Evil is with the outcome.

  14. Hake Feretto

    I love evil’s reaction, so peace and soft !

    But I think that nothing can disturb or anger our little albino bear and the reason is simple:
    -He is himself “the Evil’s incarnation.

    So all humiliating situation is for him a real pleasure, he is always in admiration when another bear that himself makes a bad-Joke to others.
    So it’s even possible that he will make a compliment to Gay when he learns that all this story comes from this last and his complice.
    On the other hand don’t forget a very important thing, Evil is always looking for revenge one day or another … So beware of your butt Gay !

  15. rugibess

    What book are we on now?

  16. soman

    evil is in a hot dog outfit…
    is this another reference to evil/nerd?
    if so, cool

  17. Evilbob dA

    Kept his cool, made terrible puns, and got into character. Great.

  18. Shenny

    Oh. I just got Evil’s pun in the first panel. Nicely done.

  19. Rainey

    All of the faces Lech makes in this part kills me. XD

  20. admin

    @rugibess: like half way through what could be a book 6 :P

  21. CorvusCorone68

    i did a bit of digging on the internet, apparently, altho opinions are split, chocolate isn’t considered poisonous for squirrels

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