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October 23rd, 2017

Page 601

Stranger Things is back!  I find it hilarious how the Ghostbusters will have a big(?) presence in this 80’s show, while my 8 year old is currently really into the movies/shows/toys.  He had a Ghostbusters/Halloween birthday party on the weekend, and he can’t wait to wear his Ghostbusters costume on Halloween.  We had a super talented lady make a Stay Puft cake (pics to come, gotta get them off the camera) and we had Slimer cookies for loot bags.  So fun!  And Sam is now half way to driving :(

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    Mhm yes quite. Yes a normal tea gathering hmmm yes.

  2. T-Shaw

    Wow… just…WOW!

  3. Brian Hibbs

    I like where this is going.

  4. Shenny

    The Return of the Hot Dog

  5. Abdiel

    Evil taking a sip before answering is hilarious to me.

  6. Vausch

    I love that Evil had to actually check to make sure this wasn’t something he did by tasting the tea. Betcha Gay and Sara are gonna be laughing at the pictures of this one for a while.

  7. chasey

    Haha, totally worth it. Seeeee, that was harmless AND funny!
    At least… until Lech goes back inside screaming at Gay and co. Eh. Whoops.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Aw! This is adorable! But it leaves you to wonder- what happened to the others?

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Man, did I get a chuckle out of this one. :D

  10. Smakkohooves

    When the BN vol3?

  11. Solrac

    Lmao, the wait was worth it for this page. Lech looks cute in a dress. Loving how Evil just accepts the situation.


    Im with Smakkohooves.

  13. Evilbob dA

    It’s great. Evil looks so innocent and confused. Then disappointed he wasn’t the one who did it, apparently.

  14. admin

    @Smakkohooves: When my kids grow up and move out? Well, hopefully not. I might try a Kickstarter at some point, but I lost nearly 20 pages from would be vol 3, and some from 4, in a drive crash. I’ve not gotten around to re-coloring them yet/am loath to re-do them :(


    Im sorry to hear about the car crash. Thanks for replying with a real answer too. As for the kickstarter, you can count on me to invest in that!

  16. Abdiel

    @ADHD_ADVERSARY I think she meant hard drive crash.

  17. NAZF

    @ADHD_ADVERSARY: She ment a harddrive (computer) crash.

    @admin: Do you still have the drive? It may be possible to recover the data, though you may have to go to a professional (unless you happen know someone who’s dealt with data forensics).


    Thats even worse.

  19. Dave

    Evil is pretty much like: “I’m not even mad…”

  20. admin

    @ NAZF: nope. This was years ago. I had the old one replaced and junked because I thought I’d backed everything up…should have double checked that :(

  21. TaggertShare

    Wow, I never really thought of Evil as a being a big Wienie. Lech looks nice in drag.

  22. Brian Hibbs

    You know Evil’s probably drugged enough people that he knows exactly what’s going on.

  23. Michael Sirius

    Can’t believe Evil is wearing Nerd’s symbol like that

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