Page 600
October 16th, 2017

Page 600

Page 600!  Achievement unlocked WAAAAAY slower than I would have liked :P

Sambit turns 8 on Friday, so he’s not so little bitish anymore.  Got a call from his teacher about his effort level in class, something along the lines of it would be nice if he could read a little less…lol.  There are worse problems, but I have had to yell at him a couple of times about reading while going down the stairs.  Do you want to live till 9 or what??

Vote incentive: I would be like this cat, except half my screaming is external…

Halloween is on going at Woot!  And here, Jim put gauzy spider webs everywhere for Sam’s birthday party and it looks awesome :)


  1. Shenny

    Guess we know which one Sara does care for.

  2. sulfurwolf1

    OMG!!! It’s the big 6! Congrats on 600 hundred pages

  3. T-Shaw

    600 pages! Awesome work!

  4. Jkaboom

    Woot woot! Pg 600! Also panel 12 gay’s face lol

  5. StoticM

    Congrats on 600! Keep up the good work!

  6. Abdiel

    Tanked already has Vanity doing things for him lol

  7. chasey

    Heh. Called it. Bringing snacks to Tank is hardly “compromised.” Harmless funtimes for all, please!

  8. MicaXIII

    oh yeah I forgot tank wasn’t affected by it either

  9. Dusk

    These two getting along?
    The apocalypse is coming.



  11. Nicole

    Well done on 600!! :) Thanks for all the fun times.

  12. Paul

    Haha! They’re like the angel and devil on his shoulders.

  13. rugibess

    600 huh that’s impressive and all, but personally I cant wait for page 666

  14. IWX

    It makes sense that Gay would be someone she’d care about. Since he’s immune to her charm effect, he’s one of the few she can consider “real” in his interactions with her. She doesn’t have to worry about him just being a sycophant if he ever agrees with her. Granted, he can still lie to her, but that’s part of any genuine interaction.

    It’s like rich and famous people whose closest friends are those who don’t put them up on pedestals. “My best friend sees me for me.”

  15. Hake Feretto

    Congragulation for the 600 pages, and bear nuts it’s always so fun, hope we have again a long time before the end ^^.

    Here we see now that Gay and Tank are the bears that Sara take care, but now they want avail of all the others bears….It’s promise to be fun in particular with Evil (maybe Sara will take his revenge about the polar bears event even though she is the one who searched the shit)

    But I think it’s unfair for Prozac and Death because there are the bears that never try to injured physically or mentally others on a voluntary basis (okay prozac at the christmas event but he has his reason and he had only do sleep all the bears) and for Death it’s again more unfair because the poor his always lonly and can’t play with other cause of his “Death-Touch” .

    So I hope they will not be bad with these two.

  16. gridsleep

    What happened to Tanked’s chameleon?

  17. Abdiel

    It would be cool if Tanked’s chameleon was hidden in the background every couple of pages or something. Also, just having the least responsible bear be the one to have a pet would be good too.

  18. Mvilu Uatusun

    I don’t know which is which but, the pink bear reminds me of a combination of Gay and Evil at times.

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