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October 9th, 2017

Page 599

Little late on this one, got home and crashed last night (pie coma).  So Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians :)  I had an image in mind of Evil’s turkey prep ideas but no time to finish it; will aim to in time for the US holiday.

Vote incentive: Gym math, should be adjusted for all the pie I ate this weekend :(

Lots of requests again for the girl bios to be updated.  I definitely mean to, it’s on my to-do list.  Unfortunately it’s a loooong list, and there’s some info I’d want to include on there that I haven’t actually revealed in the comic yet, so please stay tuned!  Jim says he’s going to try to start turning down more work this coming year, that we take on too much.  All that is true, but as a freelancer, it’s hard to say no.  Perhaps our New Year’s resolutions for 2018 will include a better work/life balance.  Or we just go insane, whatever comes first.

More Halloween tees!  ‘Horror BFFs’ at Neato and ‘Corny’ at Woot.


  1. Todd Maccarone

    So, it’s Gay that went power-mad. What a twist!

  2. Nikary Flare

    “Imagine how you would feel waking up in a compromised position and having no idea what happened”…

    Why did I suddenly think of drinking at parties?

  3. chase

    Oops, there’s a typo in the 8th panel: it says postion instead of position.

    Also, why do I have the feeling that they’re going to have fun putting them all in compromising positions anyway. For the giggles.
    And bonding with each other. New friends bonding over pranks?
    Tanky still asleep? He can join in the bonding too when he wakes up.

  4. Shenny

    I can’t not hear Rainbow Dash’s voice in the first panel.

  5. Shenny

    chase: If that does end up happening, I’m betting that Tanked will be the one to rescue them when things inevitably go awry.

  6. Glowworm

    I really love Cara.

  7. Fat&Furious

    Cara being preachy is great. It contrasts really well with Sara’s nonchalant/bitchy attitude.

  8. Francis-Olivier

    Wait was it Leech that he wanted to get kicked in the dick? As far as I care that should be a national sport.

  9. Brian Hibbs

    Being considerate of the others, where’s the fun in that? I wanted to see them roll over.

    I bet the next page will involve Gay saying something like “Let’s video tape them so they know what happened and we can laugh at them.” Or some other way of responding to Cara that still rationalizes screwing with them.

  10. Paul

    Gay: Meh…

  11. Bri

    I feel like it would be better in context if Cara had said “of all bears” or “of all animals” instead of all “people”. ;o Anyway, you go Cara! I love how considerate and sweet she is when she isn’t overruled by an array of mood swings.

  12. chase

    Oh, I meant slightly more goofy and less-mean pranks. Like dressing them up in funny clothes or something. Might be cute to see Gay and Sara get along and bond over something while still making Cara happy because it’s not mean pranks like kicking each other in the nards. But we all know Gay also has a mean streak when he’s mad so I can’t see good-natured-and-innocent pranks staying good-natured-and-innocent for too long. :P

  13. admin

    Oops, thanks Chase! Typo fixed.

  14. T-Shaw

    Can’t believe Gay is actually enjoying this.

  15. Vausch

    @T-Shaw Why wouldn’t he be? Gay is the biggest target of Lech and Evil’s pranks since Nerd starting hanging out with them. This is a golden opportunity for him.

    Still, at this point it seems Sara really can’t do anything about it. Least now the 4 of them can at least have conversations (less so with Tanked) without interruption, get to know each other a little more personally. All while occasionally having one of the drones make snacks.

  16. chasey

    Honestly? I’d be SUPER glad for the peace and quiet this would afford for a few days or however long it lasts.

  17. gridsleep

    The chibi Evil Stalker Killers is cute, but shouldn’t chibi Freddy Kruger be more bacony? He looks too normal. (repost from the main thread, which I mistook for this one.)

  18. Michael Sirius

    *Has* Gay woken up in a compromised position without any idea of what happened? Something with Lech perhaps?

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