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October 2nd, 2017

Page 598

October already!  I have little free time lately, but I did manage to get a couple of new Halloween designs done :D  (Holiday designs are my favourite!  Time to start working on Christmas!!)  You know when Costco has the Christmas decorations up that I’m actually a bit behind..

A kind of Halloweeny vote incentive (wings and fire and just a hint of death!)

This one should be up on Woot in the morning (I’m writing this Sun night) so I’ll post the link when I get it:  Nightmare Club (link updated!)

And a silly one from last year :)


  1. Dakaggo

    Clearly, Gay should take Lech off their hands and keep him busy :3

  2. James

    I was looking at the Bear Bios page. The girls have been in the strip for three years now. It might be time to add their bios. How time flies.

  3. T-Shaw

    Tell me, when will we see the Bear Bios of Sara and Cara?

  4. Nikary Flare

    I’m guessing the bios will be added once they receive their nicknames?

  5. Hake Feretto

    Fortunatly Gay is immunized… But he is certainly on of the bears that the girls like well.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Dang, a PMS joke from Gay- never thought he’d go that far! At least there’s been no bloodshed… Yet. Tanked must have one heck of a hangover if he’s still not up.


    I know he’s running for a weapon but I love that panel in the middle because it looks like Gay is just randomly standing on one foot for no reason.

  8. Anon

    Aunt Flo. That’s a new one for me.

  9. Abdiel

    Yes Gay, that spatula would be a world of help if they decided to attack you.

  10. ariane

    The extra hilarious thing is that Aunt Flo would not be here when she is ovulating… And the girls teaming up with Gay bodes well for hijinx!

  11. Dire

    Prediction: Gay is about to ask Sara to put the rest of the boys to task serving them, or otherwise abusing them. I’m also super curious who it is Sara actually thinks is alright. Gay, presumably, and maybe Death. I used to hope Evil and one of the girls would make friends but after he drugged Sara and tossed her to the polars, I suppose that’s out.

  12. TaggertShare

    Oh, that reference to Aunt Flo! Aunt Flo is one Ex-Inlaw who could make my Ex act like a grumpy Bear.

  13. Jkaboom

    Can ya smell what the Gay is cookin’?

  14. Nicole

    @Nikary: I think they do have nicknames…like slut and PMS? I prefer they’re real names, personally!

  15. rugibess

    @Honestly I wonder what all the other bears ‘real’ names are, if they have any. Regardless slutty doesn’t seem to really fit Sara all that much at this point. I believe she stated at one point she didn’t want the bears to seem repetitive , which is why she got rid of that ‘other’ female bear, so I would not be surprised if she decided to go in a new direction with Sara as to make her not so similar to lech. As for Cara I guess she could still be called PMS, although at this point both of them seem to have things going on in that department…

  16. FiliasNox

    i want to know who is the bear not included in the “most of”

  17. chasey

    Eh, I default to assuming she means she might sorta think Prozac’s the okay one; he’s got a good heart. But if it’s for the laughs, I gotta go with Lech, haha.

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