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September 25th, 2017

Page 597

Somebody asked why Cara doesn’t also have a cycle and I totally forgot to reply so I’m doing so now: she’s got something else :)

Our really strange second summer is coming to an end.  Today (Sunday) was crazy hot and humid.  I’ve had a slight headache all day, probably not drinking enough water.  I’m wondering if this is a freakish anomaly or a climate change related new reality that permanently extends our summer by nearly a month.  The idea seems preposterous, but then so does this overwhelming hurricane season.  My heart goes out to everyone affected and I can’t fathom the circumstances people are facing.

Vote incentive: Halloween is coming… Beast Bunny! (get it and ‘Unstealthiest Ninja: Spider!’ on a shirt from Neato!)


  1. sulfurwolf1

    I dont know why but the vote incentive reminds me of bunnicula a little.

  2. T-Shaw

    Can’t control them this time.

  3. Siraj

    A quick question related to the comic at large: Is there any plans to update the cast page, since it’s been a long while after the girls were officially introduced?

  4. Hake Feretto

    My bad…I think that a fight between these two sister in short time.
    I don’t wish them, indeed it would be really bad to ruin that confidence and friendship that they have managed to acquire with their efforts :/…

  5. Dusk

    Will the archive be updated soon. Its several chapters behind.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Wait a minute- where are Tanked and Gay at? I know they’re not affected by Sara’s “special smell”, but they’re just as much a part of this as the others.

  7. Bry

    @Todd Maccarone like u said, neither of them r affected…theyre probably still asleep or just havent come in the room yet

  8. *facepalm*

    this isn’t even close to the worst hurricane season in recorded history, 2004 was worse then this and there weren’t as many people screaming climate change back then. And this is a far cry from the super storms that used to happen during the last tropical cycle of the earth. And and man made “climate change” obviously didn’t exist back then.

  9. Michael Sirius

    Wow, all of them except for Gay (naturally) and Tanked (not as expected)

  10. Abdiel

    It’s only been 1 month since they’ve arrived?

  11. chase

    Well, so far she’s not abusing their hypnotized state, but I wonder if Gay will jump the gun and get mad at her before he realizes that the hypnotism part isn’t a voluntary thing? I can only assume that he’s the next to wander into the room.

  12. ariane

    @ Abdiel – Sara may not be running on a month long cycle. Most real bears are only fertile once a year, so it could already be a year since the ladies joined.

  13. All

    I read the description and it was asked why Cara doesn’t have a cycle but has something else, what does that mean exactly something else? I’m confused.

  14. Abdiel

    @ariane ok thank you that makes sense but also the chapter is called “that time of the month”.

    @All She’s saying that instead of cycles, Cara has something else that we’ll probably see in another chapter.

  15. Bry

    @All & Abdiel considering the last time we saw her use her pheromones to hypnotize the boys was when she was in heat, Cara probably has a “cycle” of when her body is primed for mating and her body just naturally produces pheromones

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