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September 18th, 2017

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The weather lately has been so bizarre; we’re into mid Sept and the humidity and temperature during the day is like mid July.  I took the kids to the annual little fair in my little home town and they were pretty meh about the whole thing, wanted water, were too sweaty, left before too long (plus wow has it ever gotten expensive).  Next week is supposed to be warm as well… normally I’d have long ago pulled out the fall jackets.

They each got an inflatable knock off Minecraft sword and I spent the rest of the day yelling at them to stop hitting each other in the head…good call me.

Vote: more fall uncomfortable pumpkin shirts (we had such a wet July this year a lot of local crops didn’t do so well, I think pumpkins are going to be really scarce/expensive this Halloween).


  1. Shenny

    I’m both confused and intrigued by why they need a bear sign on the bathroom door.

  2. Shenny

    If Death’s skull keeps making that face, will it freeze that way? *chin stroke*

  3. Vausch

    Well, at least she’s not abusing it. Hope Evil has enough masks to share. Not that he would.

  4. Abdiel

    “Darn it I accidentally hypnotized my friends”

  5. T-Shaw

    How is she this tired yet she can still use her “pheromone” on the boys?

  6. The FLmaning Git

    @T-Shaw It’s her “Time of the month”. Like she has control over it :D

  7. The Flaming Git

    And this is why I need coffee before I can type correctly….

  8. The Flaming Git

    @T-Shaw It is her “monthly”. I don’t think she has control of it (like most women).

  9. Anon

    @T-Shaw: She’s probably not using it on purpose. Since bears don’t get periods (as far as I know anyway) the arc’s title “That time of the month” may be referring to her being in heat and thus letting off pheromones involuntarily. I’m guessing that, since this is a somewhat clean comic, she isn’t going to act hopelessly horny.

  10. Hake Feretto

    Hmmm…the difference with the last time is that actually she seem very attentioned with her new family, a little like a mother. (the way she takes care of her sister and tanked is a proof).

    And about the pheromones, they seem to have gone out after she went to the bathroom.
    Maybe that our little bear is in his “heat period” because she seem to not control his pheromones this time and his Mother instinct it’s woke-up.


    Tfw you accidentally create a hivemind from your friends. Happens to me all the time.

  12. Sterling Rodd

    I’ll be curious to see what happens to Gay.

  13. James

    Hopefully she doesn’t abuse her power like last time though based on this comic it looks like she won’t

  14. Nicole

    @Shenny: Aaah! I never noticed Death’s tummy face do that! Has that always happened?

  15. chasey

    Pretty sure she won’t be abusing the situation on purpose this time. The beating she got last time probably still stings in places.

  16. Todd Maccarone

    Should’ve seen this coming… So, will it be a rehash of what happened like last time? Or will it be more… Diversified?

  17. IWX

    Attraction and pheromone-based control is Sara’s thing. Cara’s thing is mood swings. That’s why Sara’s got the lipstick belly, and Cara’s got the tampon.

  18. Faiz

    Talk about PMS and time of the month again

  19. Steeevee

    so she cant turn it off. interesting. On the plus side maybe this time she’ll become a mommy.

  20. chasey

    I know it’s her “thing”, but I thought it was because she’s a girl that she could do the pheromone thing but her lipstick symbol was based more on that she would take advantage of it, unlike her sister. Shouldn’t all the girl bears be able to do it?

  21. HikaruM

    That time of the month, huh?

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