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September 11th, 2017

Page 595

First week of school down!  The school went and separated the twins; there was tears and clinging when they got off the bus and discovered that unhappy prospect.  We’d asked that they be kept together just to make everything easier, but we knew they would put them in different classes if it ever looked like they were too dependent on each other… I just wouldn’t have expected that by grade 1 :(  And it would have been nice if they’d told us, but then I’m not entirely sure that fore knowledge would have helped Owen.  It may have made him more apprehensive to go back.  Well, all’s well in the end.  Owen cried for 10 min and got over it, Evan was likely oblivious once Owen was out of sight.

Vote incentive: starting to work on new Halloween tee designs…if I can find the time.  Apparently I have 50 backgrounds to paint for next Monday… and I thought 25 last week was a tough load :P
But here’s an old fall favourite since it’s pumpkin spice time again!


  1. T-Shaw

    I didn’t know those two were sharing a room with Tanked and Vanity.

  2. Shenny

    Love the rug.

  3. chasey

    Hnnngh. This page is ADORABLE.
    But omigosh, sharing a room with Vanity sucks, but he SNORES, too?! Bluh.
    I guess sharing a room with these two was the best choice anyway; they’re both practically kids so no worries about flirting, heh. Obviously Gay’s still way too angry (for good reason) to have agreed to let them share his room.

  4. James

    Ok here she goes again. Time for round 2

  5. Abdiel

    All the new people are sleeping in Tanked’s room

  6. Nikary Flare


  7. Sterling Rodd

    Of course they should move in with Lech. :)

  8. James

    @Sterling Rodd glad to know I am the only one thinking that. Though I don’t think it would end well if they moved in with Leach.

  9. Nicole

    Aaaah!! She’s naked!! ;)

  10. Bry

    “that time of month”? shes either gonna go crazy from her cycle or it’s mating time for her. so cute seeing her tuck in Tanked <3

  11. Urago

    @Nicole: And? So are all the other bears save for Gimp. :P

  12. Nicole

    @Urago: Yes, but she’s always got a skirt on. ;) I was just being silly.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    @Nicole — It’s funny how just a skirt that really doesn’t cover much can still make so much psychological difference, isnt’ it? :)

  14. Michael Sirius

    How long have Tanked and Vanity shared a room? This is news to me. Also, my God, 4 to a room? *shudders*

  15. Bri

    I love how Sara’s drawn in this page. A really precious moment here. <3

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