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November 20th, 2017

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Had snow and freezing rain most of yesterday.  First shovelling of the year this morning and already my back is sore :P  Getting oooooold.  But that browned butter thing, I didn’t know that was a specific process for treating butter before you use it in baking.  I’ve found a few cookie recipes that include that and I’m curious to try it!  Has anybody baked with that before?  Does it really change the flavour?

Vote Incentive: last year’s Pokemon Xmas fun :D

Christmas stuff!  I still want to make some Bear Nuts related designs, I just haven’t gotten a sketch I like yet.  Will keep at it, but in the meantime:  you can get my stocking stuffers series on cards/prints/phone cases/skins/mugs/pillows at Red Bubble (and shirts/hoodies as well of course).


  1. ok

    i kNEw iT

  2. Abdiel

    The happiness of the little animals almost makes up for the sheer terror and trauma Nerd went through. Almost.

  3. LateToTheGame

    HAH! I could smell the katsup right through the monitor! On the other hand, what did Nerd ever do to Gay?

  4. Francis-Olivier

    Nothing really. He’s just a fervent believe of equal suffering.

  5. T-Shaw

    Nerd just got pranked!!!

  6. sulfurwolf1

    Calm down. It was just prank bro.

  7. Jkaboom

    Oof get pranked Nerd

  8. Mr. Casual

    Poor Nerd. :(

  9. DarknessShallFall

    Excuse me as I die of laughter.

  10. chasey

    Haha, called it. No way Gay was murdering things just for a joke.

  11. Athlone

    This is cool and all. But could we pleeeeease have just one more panel of Death and gimp cuddling? I need this because of reasons.

  12. Todd Maccarone

    It doesn’t matter if they were playing dead- those animals have only made Nerd’s suffering worse! Shame on you all! I feel sorry for Nerd. What else could Gay and Sara have done?!

  13. Glowworm

    Heh, the animals were faking it!

  14. Doug M

    Re: the taste of brown butter. I’ll admit to not having tasted it, yet but it’s on my food bucket-list. However Michael Smith (CDN TV chef) gives it very high marks.

  15. Paul

    I think Gay just became my favorite of the bears.

  16. Brian Hibbs

    That just leaves Vanity and Crack. I wonder if they’re gonna put him in that corn room or whatever that was.

  17. T-Shaw

    @Brian Hibbs
    Don’t forget about Prozac.

  18. chasey

    Sorry, Todd! I feel no shame. That was funny! Besides Vanity might be next! >:D
    However, I wonder what they did to Prozac and if they were smart enough to have it be the most tame prank of all of them in case he got mad and hulked out… (Lech can be unreasonably mad all he wants; he doesn’t hulk out!)

  19. Bry

    Gay, that was a bit far even for u, buddy. poor Nerd is going to be traumatized for life now. youre evil…ah, evil w/ a capital E btw. something tells me Evil would be proud of this prank

  20. gridsleep

    I saw a bear vomit once, at the zoo. I would not be able to eat a muffin immediately after witnessing that. My parents and I had to rush away to keep from retching, ourselves.

  21. Nicole

    Poor Nerd!

  22. TaggertShare

    Poor Nerd indeed. At least we know the team of Sara and Gay are not yet the animal equivalent of Bonnie and Clyde. You know, Sara and Gay would make the ultimate Odd Couple.

  23. chasey

    Honestly? Just glad Sara and Gay bonded over something!

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