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August 21st, 2017

Page 592

I spent half the summer whining about how underfoot the kids constantly were (so loud, much fighting, I angst) and now there’s like 2 weeks left and I feel like we haven’t done much. ¬†We’ve been so busy we’re putting off a weekend road trip for the 3rd time now, and the boys have definitely watched more tv this summer than I’m comfortable with… but deadlines and quiet and our sanity and…mom guilt.

I will miss the nice weather, but back to school time is coming :D

Vote Incentive: my kids were doing this to each other the other day, when they were supposed to be getting ready of course…


  1. Shenny

    If the chameleon doesn’t try to blend with the barf, I will be disappointed :P

  2. T-Shaw

    Remember, never bring a drunk bear to a school event.

  3. chasey

    Well, uh. Why didn’t I expect that? Of course this is what would happen.

  4. James

    Ok. That was awesome

  5. mugi

    Well done, Crack, you had the last word.


    beAr faLLs OvEr anD fuKgNIg DiES

  7. Nicole

    That’s our boy!

  8. justacritic

    Is that concern I hear from kids of all things?

  9. Abdiel

    The monkey got his comeuppance in the last panel. Has he been named yet? I wonder if Tanked can salvage it or if the bears and monkeys have to fight now.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Vengeance against the monkeys- nice. Seriously, though, is Tanked okay? I know he’s barfed before, but still… This is really bad.

  11. BobbyBG33k

    And that’s how Drunk saved all the animals from petting zoo duty!

  12. YetAnoutherBrian

    @Abdiel, I don’t think the Bears care what the other animals think. Also, damn, you beat me to a new avatar.

  13. Abdiel

    @YetAnoutherBrian The monkey said they would attack the bears if he messes up.

  14. SomeUnregPunk

    what type of idiot thinks a bear would a good addition for a children’s event?

    The ones who did this need to shot with tranquilizers, dressed in neo-nazi KKK uniforms and dropped off outside the local BLM office.

  15. TaggertShare

    Ha ha, Monkey. Tanked doesn’t mess around when he Pukes!

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