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August 14th, 2017

Page 591

I’ve been avoiding watching GOT until it’s all done, but it’s reeeeeaaallly hard to ignore all the stories and reviews online with screaming headlines like “Best episode ever!” and “Let’s discuss the Arya/Brianne fight” and “Cersei: best dressed Romulan”, etc.

Enjoyed the little cameo with fancy Tanked; it’s been awhile my friend, I should draw you more :)

And the archive is finally updated again!

Vote Incentive: Mr Poppins made me tear up a little :(


  1. Shenny

    Tanked gets meta, realizes he has no thoughts of his own.

  2. Abdiel

    I love how Vanity is barely in frame.

  3. James

    Ok this is why I read this comic, this page is awesome


    Dapper Tanked and Crack. My two favorite characters.

  5. chasey

    You know, playing dead could actually work? and be less dangerous than some of these suggestions so far. Not that Vanity’s suggestion was really much of a suggestion…

  6. Jeroen

    Right there with you on the GoT topic. I enjoy a good binge watch, but it’s soo hard to avoid spoilers.
    I knew the new Cersei look reminded me of something… I’m still waiting for her to be in a fight screaming THIS IS SPARTA!!!!
    Did you read anything about the theory that Arya isn’t really Arya, but really the Waif in disguise?
    I rewatched the fight between them in season 6 at least 5 times, but I can not be sure, I can’t see in the dark.

  7. Todd Maccarone

    So, I get that Shoulder Vanity is worthless to Tanked (as is his Shoulder Tanked), and Shoulder Crack is completely nuts, but what does the Shoulder Dapper Tanked represent? Those last functioning pieces of Tanked’s brain that are still hidden somewhere in Tanked’s pre-frontal lobe? I hope so.

  8. that one guy

    This is gonna make me laugh all day

  9. T-Shaw

    First four colums funny.

  10. Xuncu

    Panel 4 “Yeah…. f*ck you.”
    Panel 7 “Yeah…. f*ck me.”

  11. John Vogel

    Just discovered your comic. Great art!!

  12. O_o ...seriously?

    Long time lurker, been enjoying the crude humor ever since the beginning.
    One thing in particular I’ve always enjoyed was the general lack of political correctness… except while all the
    “boy bears” are named for their vices, the “girl bears” are given actual names. Being female myself, I can’t help
    but marvel in the somewhat hypocritical double standard- is it too much to call them Slut bear and PMS bear without having to worry about actually offending someone? Seems rather ironic, considering the whole premise of the comic itself…

  13. admin

    @John Vogel: Nice to meet you!
    @O_o: Totally a valid point, and something I agonized over before they were worked in. They were always Slut and PMS in the very beginning stages pre the idea of a comic ever evolving, and they still are to me. My intentions are to slowly progress them into those roles more (being by themselves at first, why would they call each other such names?) as the rather insidious/childish influences of the others sink in.

  14. O_o ...seriously?

    Oh, I can understand the influences of the others affecting it eventually; it’s just that it took virtually no time what so ever that “Ping Pong” was deigned as Vanity. Don’t mind me- I actually love the basis of the comic, and each character in their own way. Keep up the great work, I’ll definitely continue reading.

  15. Shenny

    @admin: Is that why they still aren’t on the bio page?

  16. Shenny

    @O_0 My guess is that since Vanity was shuttled around zoos his whole life, they probably all had their own names to give him, and as such he had no real attachment to any of them.

  17. chasey

    I thought I remember Ping Pong was just the name given by the zoo to Vanity and he already had his name that, of course, the humans don’t know?

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