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August 28th, 2017

Page 593

Back to school shopping time!   The twins are going into grade 1!  I can’t believe how old they are :(  They need their own pencil cases and everything…I’m supposed to write their names on every single pencil crayon. blah.

Oh and rescue mission aborted, time to bail boys :)

Vote Incentive: Busy all week and didn’t get to the gym :( I feel lazy, but Red’s doing a better job!


  1. James

    I thought the bears were going to be shown stealing the car and driving to Tanked

  2. Shenny

    Writing names on crayons?! What the hell has the world come to???

  3. sulfurwolf1

    Mission failed we’ll get em next time!

  4. T-Shaw

    Looks like Tanked had a good time.

  5. that one guy


  6. Bry

    lol Prozac and the others didnt even leave the zoo yet? i guess after the vomitting surprise, the zookeepers brought Tanked back mighty quick

  7. Bry

    oh wait, thats the school, nvm

  8. kath

    easy way to deal with pencils Have the kids tell you what their favorite color is. (red green blue etc) buy the stuff, sort the stuff so everyone has the exact same number of things.

    Use Nail Polish and dab the color that they picked on everything. Write the name on the pencil box with the words (Child’s Name) has BLUE/ RED/ Green Dotted items and PHOTOGRAPH it. keep a copy inside the pencil box and give a copy of it to the teacher. If his stuff goes missing its pretty easy to say “(name’s) things have this color dot on them.

    As fro the comic? i am feeling that I am missing something? like … something.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Well, apart from the barf, that went really well! …a little TOO well, maybe. What’s gonna happen next?

  10. Abdiel

    I hope Tanked keeps the chameleon as a pet!

  11. James

    It feels like they is missing a few pages

  12. Anonymous

    Why is Lech wearing a scarf?

    Wait…Gay likes fashion…
    Am I overthinking this, or is Doomcat giving us MORE hints towards Lech x Gay?!?

  13. sulfurwolf1

    @Anonymous If i’m reading this right i think your talking how lech is weaing a scarf , that is scarf he wears whenever he is about to drive it comes with sunglasses and glove but he doesn’t have them at this moment.

  14. docaggie

    We print a ton of those little labels with the kids’ names on them and tag everything that way.
    Provided the sticker actually sticks, of course.

  15. Nicole

    OMG the bears are actually at the school?? lol!

    Tanked looks pretty happy.

  16. chasey

    Also: where did Tanked’s shirt go?

  17. Abdiel

    @chasey they probably removed it since it was covered in vomit.

  18. Bri

    AW, TANKED. <3

    The chameleon holding unto Tanked’s digit, another heartwarming touch. <3

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