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December 26th, 2016

Page 558

A Merry late Christmas to all!  Happy Boxing Day I guess.  We’ve got ice storms in the forecast for today so a good one to stay inside and finish digesting the damage I’ve done over the past week.  Kids have enough new lego and chocolate to keep them occupied (for a few hours at least) and I’m thinking of working in a good nap at some point…but I have work to do :(

Vote incentive: a bit of a preview for next week!


  1. T-Shaw

    Well, at least he’s not afraid of the geese or eating them. I just hope he’ll be alright.

  2. Tonikino

    merry xmas (late), Glad to see that crack overcame a phobia

  3. Abdiel

    Crack’s arm looks oddly positioned in the 3rd panel. Sort of like he’s carrying his arm on his back.

  4. Bry

    looks like he’ll be a-ok… :) probably >>

  5. Siraj

    Well, that’s an interesting turn…

  6. Aldin

    Either he’s no longer afraid of the geese, or he’s just fattening them up before eating them. (chuckle)

  7. abowden

    Well it all worked out for the better in the end so that’s nice… except of course for the death of the owl who tried to help him.

  8. Glowworm

    That last panel is sweet.

  9. Errick

    Aight, I like this outcome. It’s nice to see some development, and it’s interestingly subtle in the long run, I bet.

  10. Chasey

    So, he did conquer SOME of his fears. I wonder how many of them, though…

  11. Mr. Casual

    Yay! Some lasting change. I am happy with this outcome. :D


    Best arc ever in this comic! I really loved Crack’s development in this one. Best character! Also, it will be nice to no longer see a bunch of comments asking Alison to kill Crack, lol.

  13. differ

    this is a nice one :)

  14. Dieter M.

    … Cracked has IRISES?

  15. Anon

    Right in the feels.

  16. YourWorstNightmare

    My poor Crack, Prozac chilled me to the bone with those words. We will definitely be seeing the lasting effects if this not only in Crack, but in all the others as well (I hope) and is it just me or does anyone else notice that Evil actually looked concerned? It seemed like in his own way he was trying to cheer Crack up.

  17. Nicole

    Aw, sweet Crack. He’s a step ahead of me…I still hate Canadian Honkers! They are not nice birds!

  18. Bri

    Aw, yay Crack. I’m glad something positive came out for him in the end. <3 I was worried he was going to simply revert back to his original self – as if this whole arc never happened – but I’m really happy that there HAS been some growth for him. I really appreciate that this arc dealt with mental health and the psyche too, so thank you, Alison. (: What a good way for Bear Nuts to end 2016!

  19. Shenny

    Well he’s learned to meditate, that could only be good in the long run.

  20. snrk

    im gonna laugh if those geese just
    attack the food bag

    because we all know geese are hORRID

  21. Nila

    From this moment on Crack had certainly grown stronger inside…
    His past has to be the saddest so far~

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