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December 19th, 2016

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Work Christmas party last Tuesday, other work party today, Christmas lunch on Thur, Christmas party with the neighbours on Friday, Christmas Eve dinner at one aunt’s, Christmas Day dinner at mom’s, New Year’s Eve dinner party, New Year’s Day dinner at my other aunt’s, post New Year’s meet up dinner with friends… perhaps I should just wire my jaw shut, or wear blinkers… my neighbour put his scale in his kitchen.  I suppose that’s one way to remind/shame yourself.

I actually have a Christmas themed story arc this year!  Which will be late cause this current arc ran sooooo long (might be the longest, I’d have to double check).

Vote Incentive: Is everyone Sun and Mooned out yet?  I do love the little owl though, he’s cute.  (get it on a shirt @ Neatoshop).



    “The Shunnery” Pure Genius.

  2. Bry

    aww, Tanked is scared of Crack too?… 3:

  3. sulfurwolf1

    The last three panels had me feeling sorry for Crack

  4. Shenny

    Aw man, even Tanked who loves everyone is scared. What could Crack do to make amends?

  5. Vausch

    I feel Crack could probably at least get the girls to come closer to forgiving him if he delivered another frying pan to the back of Lech’s head.

    Really do hope at least Gay and Vanity aren’t as hard on Crack as the others are being. Gay seems aware this isn’t all his fault. Though worth nothing, the others don’t know all of what happened where we do. I’m betting Prozac, Death, and Evil will still be there for him, Gay is more middleground (similar to how he is with Sara) and the others are at arms length for a while until they think he’s more evened out. Which I do hope happens. Poor guy needs a break after all that happens to him. Suffers in youth, feels relief, becomes more sadistic than even Evil 2, then when he seems more evened out and at ease he’s being treated like he’s a repeat offender.

    Love his face in panel 8 though. “Oh god please don’t let this be my life”.

  6. Kylie W

    The Shunnery – I love it!!

  7. Tonikino

    Poor cracked

  8. Abdiel

    Poop, panties, grumpy face, football, flower, and pig.

  9. sulfurwolf1

    I put up a poll the question is Which is your favorite character?

  10. Athlone

    ‘The Shunnery’.

    The official name for the Cracked/Evil ‘ship?

  11. rphb


  12. ParismaX

    oke, let’s just say… WHAT THE HELL!?, I mean come on. Evil hasn’t just been a complete jerk, he almost killed everybody and they were forgiving, so why not forgive crack? Even TANKED, T A N K E D is scared.

  13. Siraj

    Awwwww… Even when Tanked is scared of him… man, that hurts more than anything.

  14. Vausch

    ParismaX: If I had to guess, it’s because while Evil does like it when people suffer or are in pain (especially when he causes it), he does draw the line at killing them (Vanity aside early on) and it was Evil 2 that actually was willing to kill them all. Even Death has outright hurt all of them at once intentionally by shocking them all when he stepped in the pool when they were all in it.

    Crack on the other hand schemed to not just hurt but outright kill them. Wasn’t a more evil clone, wasn’t one of them not in the right mind because they were suffering from withdrawal, wasn’t even a prank gone wrong. Crack straight up with a clear mind set up a scheme and plotted to kill them.

    Now of course it’s fair to say that Crack wasn’t right in the head at that point. His head had been messed with, his conscience (it seems) had been suppressed and shut away leaving nothing but another side of him that was pure animosity, but that side seems to be either destroyed or more evened out with his better self in control again. The fact that Crack went full on cold calculating psychopath would probably put everyone on edge for a bit. If he is better now, like less omniphobic without his darker side being in control, odds are the others will warm back up to him soon and realise it wasn’t really his fault. Though the others are definitely treating him a lot worse than they do Evil when he does similar things.

  15. Lupus

    Crack, you shall agree, “The Shunnery” is a perfect idea!

  16. Salisria

    @Shenny I definitely do not recommend making pancakes.

  17. MicaXIII

    I think my heart just broke, call an ambulance


    @sulfurwolf1 Your poll is missing a couple options. (Vanity and Crack)

  19. Todd Maccarone

    Come on, even Tanked is afraid of Crack?! That just isn’t right! Why does the world hate Crack so much?! Yeah, he messed up big-time, but Evil has done much worse, guys!

  20. sulfurwolf1

    @ADHD_ADVERSARY thank you I need to fix it (if I can)

  21. sulfurwolf1

    Here’s an updated version of the poll

  22. rugibess

    @sulfurwolf1 We totally need to get this poll more attention so we can actually get some good data

  23. Brian Hibbs

    So they are the next glech.

  24. shadowbuizel

    I think the mouth is missing color in panel 3

  25. IWX

    I just like that Evil always shows an actual attachment to them, despite his usual antagonistic habits.

  26. sulfurwolf1

    People should really check out the fanfiction stoticM makes its really good

  27. admin

    @shadowbuizel: so it is, good catch!

  28. S.P

    Wow, poor Tanked’s face is so sad, the way he pulls away really captures his hurt while Cracked feels like the worst.

  29. Bri

    The linework in this page is amazing! I love how thin and crisp it is. Loving the expressions on this page too. :)

  30. StoticM

    @sulfurwolf1 Thanks Sulfur I try. Also Evil and Lech in top form here.

  31. Thornarn

    Omg evil is so CUTE <3

  32. HikaruMokona

    Somehow “The Shunnery” translated to “The Shining” in my mind.
    What is wrong with me?

  33. T-Shaw

    Making another joke for the girls huh Lech?
    You are never going to have a girlfriend…… Yet.

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