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October 3rd, 2016

Page 546

CRAZY busy around here: multiple work contracts on the go, including a bg painting gig that’s running us ragged and we’re only on show 1!  We’re about 1.5 shows behind though… this will be FUN, right until, or more likely past, Christmas.  Yay for work; it’s good to be busy when you’re free lance… but when it rains, it torrentially downpours.  Can the universe please just space these things out evenly for me?  Though considering the whole “Surprise!  Twins!” thing, I think the universe is out to get me.

So the Crack breakdown was kind of inspired by my list of Versus comics I wanted to get going awhile back(anyone remember those??).  There was one with a “Cracken” vs the “Cracktopus”.  I may even have thumbnailed some of that epic battle, in a note book, in a box some where, since we’ve moved… And I didn’t get to do the Lech vs the Dragon first :(  I need more time…

Kind of a Halloween/fish inspired vote incentive today (which you can also get on a shirt at Neatoshop!)


  1. T-Shaw

    In Crack’s mind, he looks like the true Evil. Just saying.

  2. Athlone

    Well… this escalated quickly.

  3. Athlone

    Also, first pic.
    D’aaaw at Evil’s little feets!

  4. Goma2003

    Anyone else thinking kid icarus.

  5. Siraj

    Now this? this is friggin’ AWESOME!

  6. Bry

    bruhs, Crack became freakin’ Cthulu!


    mmm… Tasteful

  8. K. Dragon

    Anyone else think this storyline is just so she could do this crazy fight scene?

  9. Todd Maccarone

    I know Cthulu-Crack is worrisome, but I’m more concerned with Evil being dropped by Crack’s other self. What’ll happen to him?

  10. Uzoma Uwanamodo

    Have to admit, I’d be really surprised if Evil turns out to be the one who saves (?) Crack

  11. chase

    Uzoma: I won’t be surprised one bit. Been saying it all along that it looks like it’s being set up for just such a heroic saving-of-the-day. I just wish it wasn’t Evil. Glad for Prozac’s help.
    (Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Evil, a lot. I just think he gets cast the hero too often for someone named and who IS Evil. And by that I mean, once was enough.)

  12. Mr. Casual

    Okay, I’m a little confused as to the order of panels, here. ‘Cause it looks like Prozac was trying to carry Evil away, then Crack becomes normal and Prozac just drops Evil next to him again, then Crack freaks out again and now Prozac’s trying to fight him. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless I’m somehow reading them out of order, but it seems all jumbled up to me.

  13. Vausch

    mr. Casual: The floating normal Crack is his subconscious. Prozac took evil to it to be safe while he attacks the “real” one.

  14. Shenny

    Mr. Casual, that’s the Crack subconsciousness, where he put his early childhood trauma back when the owl came with the others.

  15. Virgil S.

    I shudder to think what somebody would think this comic is about if this was the first page they’d ever seen.

  16. admin

    @K.Dragon: YES
    @Mr. Casual: Vausch and Shenny are spot on.
    @Virgil S: lol…I shudder to think what they think about me…


    @admin showed this to a guy as the first page he’s seen. He said he thinks it’s a really funny concept and should’ve been made a show.

  18. Anar-celegorm

    I know Bear Nuts only one week ago and I have read all the pages, I really love it ! I ‘m really amused to read it as if I’m french : ).

    For the ending of this last page… “feathers” fall of the sky… Evil in front of Crack’s sumconcious…alone and fully exposed and vulnerable… tickling can be the solution for shut down Crack his Hangry humor :o!
    But It’s only a fan-theory !

    Haaa I can waiting for the ext!! Who wil win ? Crack ? Evil and Phrost ?! We can only wait and see ^^.

    Alison continu you very great work on this serie :) !

    Ho I want request something too, how I can add one of my draw in the fan-art gallerie pleas ? I have recelntly make one of Evil and I’ll very happy to share my work with Bear Nuts community ^^ .

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Brian Hibbs

    This clearly isn’t working the way they intended. To help Crack they have to go deeper!

  20. Mr. Casual

    Ahhh, okay, I get it now. Totally forgot about that little wrinkle in the interim.

  21. Mr. Beans

    end it! End It! END IT!

  22. Abdiel

    How come the voting incentives never work? All I see when I vote is a picture of an orange fish.

  23. admin

    Hi Abdiel! The vote incentive image changes every update, but you can see some of the older ones on the FB page: (click on photos on the left and the ‘Old BN bonus images’ gallery

  24. Abdiel

    Thank you for the help!

  25. TaggertShare

    Crack reminds me of a Medusa/Hydra hybrid.

  26. YourWorstNightmare

    Omg yes!!!! It has to be Evil to save Crack! I love when we get to see this side of Evil! No matter how bad he is, the other bears are his family and he loves them enough to do anything to help them when it counts!

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