Page 545
September 26th, 2016

Page 545

And things are going from bad to worse… at least Prozac got a new outfit :)

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  1. botanybear


  2. Goma2003

    Plays epic boss battle music.

  3. T-Shaw

    Fall Out Boy Phoenix

  4. T-Shaw

    Or Final Fantasy boss battle music.

  5. Ginger256

    Oh my Ra, I am loving this arc so far!

  6. Vausch

    Dang. I was joking last week but this HAS gone Attack on Titan! Definitely loving the artwork in these last few pages. The armour designs look great and the monstrosity of Crack in the second to last panel is definitely very “thing” like.

    Not really a lot else to add. Crack’s fear of others invading his mind is definitely still clouding his judgement and I can see why he’s going full rage about all this. Gaaaaah pages like this are what make me miss the bi-weekly updates. Great artwork and action but a tradeoff of less story advancement.

  7. Faiz

    Why can’t just he go ‘Pro-hulk’ on him? Is he afraid to crush thde psycopathic Crack and accidentally lobotomizing him?

  8. Faiz

    @T-Shaw, I think Pain of the universe fits the best

  9. Shenny

    Evil’s pulling a Deadpool in the last panel.

    I wonder if there’s more hidden secrets that Crack is hiding about his past that he’s afraid the others will find out.

  10. Raqoon

    Really liking how expressive you are drawing the characters. The looks are priceless :)

  11. Siraj

    Prozac as an avenging Paladin? … yes please!

  12. Chris

    Jeebus in a swimsuit, what the fudge is goin’ on?

  13. Glowworm

    I am loving Prozac’s outfit.

  14. Anon

    Are you sure, Prozac? You’ve only known Crack after he went mental… which was at very young age.

  15. Bry

    Prozac to the rescue, yay! Crack, buddy, u need to chill… poor thing…

  16. Mr. Casual

    I _really_ still don’t get what’s going on with Crack. I hope we get an explanation.


    Oh, look. Crack has gone completely insane again.

  18. caanthedalek


  19. Urago

    You know, Crack now reminds me of Flippy. Because they’re both bears, are green, and now Crack also has an insane murderous side.

  20. im sorry

    prozac evolved into mercy omff

  21. Quintin

    I would love to see this comic turn into a cartoon. That’d make it even better,


    @Quintin I second that statement.

  23. Copper

    What, nobody’s mentioned Resident Evil yet? Totally a Resident Evil thing going on here.


  24. screenmonkey

    Here is the thing Crack, you were allowed to be what you were as long as it didn’t affect any one else. So a bit of truth in television, when some one with an untreated mental illness, has a episode that results in harm coming to others, those who serve in the medical community and are licensed to practice including EMTs, have the authority to treat you with out your concent, why because at tbat point the individual is considered in a altered mental status and they now have implied concent, and if they commit a crime while under the effects of an episode, a judge can strip you of some rights and force you to go to therapy and take medications. So yeah,crack bear has lost all his right to refuse care, once he gets better and is no longer in the throes of a violent episode he can cease treatment.

  25. brggi

    god Prozac that’s kinda pretentious aint it?

  26. soman

    surprised nobody said this yet, butttttttttttt…


  27. Trolldrool

    At this point, Crack is going full on Envy from FMA:B

  28. chase

    Wow, I had a feeling Pro would swoop in to save Evil, but I didn’t think he’d LITERALLY swoop in! Very nice!
    I still think that since they’re all in his head, the only one who can be hurt here is Cracked. The other two would just need to wake up. Like being a dream. I think. No physical harm done. But maybe mental harm can still happen to Pro and Evil and not just Cracked?

  29. Nicole

    lol @ Chris! :D

    Goodness–I have no idea how they’re going to get out of this!!

  30. Valentine

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease kill Crack…

  31. Uzoma Uwanamodo

    It would seem that Alison did consider the RPG thing after all.

  32. Delakando

    Really starting to wish to see Crack get killed.


    @Valentine @ Delakando Crack is my favorite character. I’d probably have a mental breakdown if he was removed.

  34. Frankie D.

    I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going….

  35. YourWorstNightmare

    Guardian angel Prozac to the rescue!!!!!

  36. gridsleep

    Did Ms. Acton watch Akira during this arc?

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