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September 19th, 2016

Page 544

My little brother turned 30 yesterday!  We’re all so old now :(  We had dinner at my parents’ house, minus my parents who decided to go on a trip and be away for his momentous birthday (as he says) and I didn’t think to bring spare clothes… so of course Owen had an accident.  That kid spent the night in a ratty pair of old boxers held up with a bag clip.  Sam nearly choked on brussel sprouts since we told him if he finished the bowl, he could have a second piece of cake.  The twins demanded loot bags and got a grocery bag with an overripe banana each, and an old leopard print thong I found in a drawer while looking for something that might possibly fit Owen.  Evan head butted Jamie in the groin again, Jeff’s friend got regurgitated sprouts all over his lap, and Jamie’s fancy bacon wrapped burgers caused a bacon grease fire on the bbq… quite the night, Nana will be pissed she missed it.

Vote Incentive: finished version of that epic wedding commission :)

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  1. T-Shaw

    Now Evil can see that’s things are a lot bigger in Crack’s mind.

  2. Dakaggo

    Weirdly I actually totally expected this. I didn’t think I’d be right but damn. Anyway giant Crack is pretty amazing.

  3. Faiz

    Nooo!!!! Not now!

  4. Thornarn



    There goes the arm.

  6. Zadow_

    Is it just me or does Evil look badass in that outfit

  7. Bry

    cmon, Evil, u gotta focus!



  9. Shenny

    Don’t forget Prozac is in here too probably. He’ll probably have an epic battle/back-and-forth with Crack explaining the real reason why he’s gone psycho.

  10. TaggertShare

    Well, Crack certainly has a big Ego. However I think Evil can top that. Morality plays a part in controlling the Id. Evil seems less likely to be held back by Moral Issues. Hmm, I wonder how Freud would have analyzed this Arc.

  11. Vausch

    Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

    Welp, up to Prozac now if he was close enough to be affected by the herbs. Evil hopefully did what he needed to do and kept Crack from doing anything too damaging to himself. That action right there, that’s one of the things I like about Evil: he might still like suffering and living up to his namesake, but this is him actually looking to help his family.

    @TaggertShare: I don’t think his is an ego-superego-id situation. We’ve seen conscious and subconscious, no third. Do like how quickly Crack caught on to how the setting works when he has focus. Controlling the environment itself so it’s not a “Stream” of consciousness but a cliff.

  12. Sulfurwolf1

    Okay done benge reading bn for now and cant wait for next part

  13. Nicole

    Where is Pro-Hulk when we need him?!

  14. Revriley

    I haven’t visited this webcomic in over a year at the very least – remembered that it existed and came back and holy hell what is happening? Clearly I have some catching up to do.

    Crack was always my favorite character, so this was a good page to come back to after all this time! Has he finally gotten his own arc? Ooh…

  15. Todd Maccarone

    The eye scooping thing again? Really, Evil? Crack may be well into lobotomizing himself, and that’s what you’re planning? This won’t end well… Assuming it ends.

  16. Bry

    @Todd Maccarone he didnt WANT to wield the ice cream/eye scooper…he lost focus and thus his weapon became something not-so-weapony hence his expression

  17. YourWorstNightmare


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