Page 543
September 12th, 2016

Page 543

Return of Ninja Evil! and debut of… Berserker Crack?  Ren Fair Crack?  I like drawing clothes and costumes and I don’t get to do it often enough in this comic; too much nekkidness.

The weather finally turned cold (sad) but I am definitely enjoying the back to school quiet (happy) and am awaiting the increase in productivity I thought I’d get (still waiting, this always happens…I’ve taken on too much work again).

Vote incentive: a rather enjoyable commission from the maid of honour to the happy couple (coolest wedding party ever?? :)

So, watching old Disney movies with my currently Star Wars obsessed kids (Lego ST technically, they haven’t seen any of the movies yet) and this came out :)  Get him now at Neatorama!


  1. T-Shaw

    It’s Evil vs. Crack. Let the epic battle begin!


    Evil is in one piece still? Come on, it’s been a page, it’s about time for Evil’s limbs to start falling off or has he found the power within or something. One with true mind and spirit? What did the owl say? Oh well, who cares really, I mean he’s dead now.

  3. feartheswans

    So Melty Evil the first time around was Evil purposely making them all think his mind was too weak to handle the effects of the herbal smoke.

  4. NAZF

    …Welp, I totally retract my previous statement… ^_^;

    Also, if it isn’t his (Evil’s) leg falling off, I’m guessing Psycho!Crack changed the “ground” to ice (or modified the environment in some way).

  5. Faiz

    If it was Death, it’ll hardly be a fight.

  6. Francis-Olivier

    So when will some of the other bear will ever be as badass as Prozac, Death, Evil and now crack? Probably never but it would be fun to see.

  7. Jeroen

    Seriously, that has to have been the coolest wedding party ever!

  8. Siraj

    Definitely Berserker Crack. And I like the outfits too!

  9. Uzoma Uwanamodo

    Wait, Alison, have you done fantasy RPG with the bears yet? Because if not…

  10. Todd Maccarone

    This is flipping insane… I love it! Though, I must wonder, why IS Evil not collapsing this time? I sincerely doubt this problem could be rectified so quickly…

  11. Vausch

    @Todd If I had to guess, it’s probably because he has focus on keeping Crack from harming himself. Implication at the bottom there is even if he has one thing to keep his mind occupied and give him some stability in this state, he still isn’t on par with Prozac or Death. Meditation often is either viewed as having absolute focus or the ability to completely clear your mind and not focus on any one thing but rather letting everything go and flow freely. And let’s face it, what can Evil focus more on that fighting?

  12. Chris

    I wonder if Evil had any hand in this. I’m starting to think he did.

  13. Urago

    Evil looks like a cat in Panel 6.

  14. Chasey

    I feel like this is a good alternative? Speculating that since they’re just in his mind, neither can actually physically be hurt. Maybe? Hopefully?

  15. StoticM

    @ Uzoma Uwanamodo Not gonna lie, probably gonna make some fic related to that. Not now though but it’s interesting an concept. Leave it on the back burner. Also I like the return on ninja evil. its nice to see him in colour.

  16. Dire

    Love the rare Evil moment of him being protective of one of the rest of the gang. Someone asked about everyone’s favorite characters a few pages back; mine would probably be Evil ever since the twin arc and the effort towards trying to get along a little better with the others. This arc’s been really strong for him, too. I like seeing him show some self-awareness (page 536) and now he’s actually sticking his own neck out in an effort to stop Crack from lobotomizing himself. Good for Evil! Hopefully this doesn’t horrifically backfire.


    @Urago It’s kinda funny you say that. When I’m wearing the Bear Nuts shirt, people keep saying they look like cats. One person has even gone as far as to say they look like mice.

  18. Travenjo G.

    he learned how to meditate

  19. StoticM

    Side note: what happened to the dota pictures of the bears? They aren’t on facebook.

  20. Sulfurwolf1

    Too me crack looks like a bunny rabbit

  21. Constance


    The longer these comics go on the longer their ears get, lmao. They do indeed look like rabbits these days. :P

  22. YourWorstNightmare

    You get him Evil!!!!!!! Show him what your made of!!!!!!!

  23. bought a shipment of clothing from Gay


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