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September 5th, 2016

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First day of school is tomorrow!!!  First day of school is tomorrow!!!  First day of school is tomorrow!!!

Everyone’s like “Oh, you’ll miss them.”  Nope!  Today was terrible; a giant Lego related fight led to fingers crushed in a drawer and Sam missing out on a bbq at a friend’s.  Then Owen pulls one of his stubborn fits about me correcting his pronunciation and won’t try to say a word correctly, gets rude and belligerent about it, spends most of dinner at my parents sitting in the back room because he refused to apologize (called me stupid while he was at it).  He finally gets back on track (enjoy your cold dinner, no ice cream ya little prick) and Evan waits too long to go to the bathroom and peed on the carpeted stairs… managed to hit about half of them on the flight up from the basement.  And my allergies are out in force and my sinuses are killing me.


Vote incentive: Pigs and bacon…


  1. T-Shaw

    Crack what are you doing? If you do this, you’ll destroy the good side of you….FOREVER!

  2. Dezisio

    Calm down Crack, there is no need to beat yourself up.

  3. NAZF

    @T-Shaw: Somehow I don’t think that’s his good side…

    By that, I mean I think he’s trying to destroy his dark/repressed side.

  4. Siraj

    @NAZF: I don’t think that’s it. Look at present Crack’s eyes. He’s back to being batshit, and his inner self is taking it. He’s on a literal self-destruction bender. My bet is that if he succeeds… he’d probably lobotomize himself.

  5. Thornarn

    Sorry for the bad day .-. At least they’re gone tomorrow ;)

  6. Black Pete

    Pronounciation corrects itself. But telling little children that they are wrong when it doesn’t matter produces lengthy wars ( :

    In my years as a teacher I learned one thing. Never turn something irrelevant into a problem and you’ll have less of them. I substituted p and k when I was young. My mother decided not to care and well, I didn’t keep the habit for long. Same with stuttering. My mother claimed I was learning words so fast that I got confused. Nobody cared and it didn’t last long either.

  7. Chris

    Is this even Crack? I’m starting to wonder.

  8. Chasey

    He’s either going to destroy the good side of him or he’s going to reverse what the Owl did, I think, and unleash all his paranoia again so he’s back to being too scared to think straight like before. Though I’m not sure which Crack is TRYING to do, or what he THINKS he’s doing… probably destroy his good self. But I don’t really know if that’s his good self; it’s like… his memories? Past self? Or conscience or something? All it does is float there and somehow keep his memories…
    Or maybe Evil’s somehow going to be able to pull himself together to get into that dream world again and stop/help Crack.

  9. Travenjo G.

    this is the best online comic i have ever read i love it it is the best

  10. scrow

    I think he is about to kill himself tying to wake up

  11. partoftheuniverse

    Oh, so the picture that was posted on Facebook with Evil and Crack fighting with all those weapons takes place here!It makes sense; the characters wouldn’t have access to such extravagant weapons otherwise…


    Oh, we can’t go on, til you understand. It’s all in your head.

  13. Starfoxx

    Oh, my, god, he is going to kill his self conscious just because he doesn’t want to be good again

  14. Bry

    hmm…question is: is this Crack the currently-evil Crack in reality or Crack before his…treatment? because, look at his pupils. theyre dilated like the “normal” Crack’s were before his treatment. perhaps by “not again” he means he wont allow someone else he knows/cares about die because of him (even though, in this case, it wouldnt be due to indirect action, nor is it necessarily gonna be “his fault” since it was Prozac and Death who brought him to the owl…he had no say in the matter). either way, wouldnt it be a bad thing for him to “kill” his subconsciousness? this whole arc has been interesting on a psychological standpoint, confusing but interesting…

  15. Bry

    oh wait…come to think of it, the eyes could mean nothing. in his frenzied state, Crack’s eyes became dilated again. still, the question still stands

  16. admin

    @Black Pete: You’re very right, it’s the rudeness and the name calling that put my back up, and damned if I’m going to lose to a 5 year old… I think I know where his stubbornness comes from :)

  17. Feartheswans

    This is my inner struggle trying to wake up on the morning.

  18. partoftheuniverse

    @Feartheswans Just made my day. So relatable it hurts XD Happy first day of school

  19. StoticM

    Oh my goodness speaking of school did anyone ever get those crazy fever dreams where you wake up and think you have a assignment due or you start to get ready for school during summer? I hate those so very much.

    Here’s three things for people to read.

  20. Travenjo G.

    i love this comic it sooths my soul

  21. YourWorstNightmare

    Oh Crack, you poor baby, fighting yourself is awful isn’t it T-T

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