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August 29th, 2016

Page 541

It’s team work time for the get-along-gang…and one more week of summer :(  Which means one more week till school starts! :)  This is a very bittersweet time, and I still get twinges of anxiety and the urge to buy binders before I remember that I don’t have to go back.  It’s ingrained.

Vote incentive: Pinecat’s Crack arc inspired fan art :)

Back to school art with Shirt Woot :)


  1. T-Shaw

    Heard what the plan is that lubricate him are you serious?!

  2. T-Shaw

    Nerd what kind of plan is that lubricate him are you serious?! Wrong spelling.

  3. StoticM

    Huh, never thought the cave would have a ventilation system? Learn something new. Also ewww even Vanity doesn’t deserve to be lubed up with vomit… At least they’re working together? Anyways sorry for doing this but it’s the only way to for fans to read more so here:

  4. Shenny

    But can Tanked vomit on command?

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Seriously, guys- is Death okay?! Am I the only one who is worried about him?

  6. kath McGill

    fun fact, if the door swings in, the hinges are on the inside. its funny tragic in a way, the moment that Crack was going on about “how much better he felt, and the thank you for helping to discover what was wrong with him it reminded me of events at college where the one proffs wife had given birth to twins and he couldn’t understand why the house wasn’t clean, the meals weren’t ready for him when he got home and his laundry wasn’t done (she had nothing else to do all day) and I asked him does she have help (she had a c section) and he said “her mother came and I sent her home after three days-” (boggles the mind doesn’t it?) and he had his friends come and make a ring around her and say encouraging things and she said “I feel so much better now, thank you…” the next week she called his mother and said “Oh I have a drs apt can you come and watch your grand kids for just an hour? and of course grammy came and an hour went by, then two, then four and she called the drs office and they said no, she doesn’t have an appointment today,,,” and she saw this envelope addressed to the husband and she opened it, and it basicly was the divorce decree, she wiped out the bank account took the car that was in her name and it said “You wanted the kids, so they are yours” and the proff was like really upset because he hadn’t had any sleep for the last few nights and I had asked “Do you even HELP her with the kids? and he looked like I had handed him a dirty diaper and he said “That’s womans work” and when he was telling us this I was like “What did you expect??” she didn’t need words, she needed you to step up and HELP!!! he didn’t take kindly to that- anyway, yeah. words, and showing people stuff, doesn’t always work.

  7. Chasey

    Shenny, I’m almost certain Tanked can definitely vomit on command.
    And Kath; wow. That’s quite the story. I don’t blame the wife one bit; but you’re right. Sometimes words mean nothing. It really is their nature.
    Todd: I do think Death is okay for the moment; it seemed like Crack was gonna back to him later, when all the other meddling (Pro and Evil) bears were taken care of.

    Also, maybe they’re just gonna have Tanked slobber all over Vanity instead. That’d be much less horrible, even if still not exactly fun…

  8. Dire

    “Team work time for the get-along-gang” made me crack up. There’s a lot of really great expressions on this page, too. And Cara’s vomit carapace gets more horrifying/funnier the more it shows up.

    Seems like this arc has been pretty polarizing on the topic of Crack’s behavior but I love it.

  9. chase

    On that note: does Cara still not know that she’s covered in barf? I would’ve expected a freak-out…


    @chase Maybe she’ll never know( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

  11. Kittens

    Ew just ew

  12. nessa

    lord she still has vom on her I’m gagging aaghghgkajdsaj

  13. Black Pete

    Yeah, that professor has some amazing blind spots. But I can promise that in almost all cases both partners share the responsibility for a wrecked relationship. I myself blamed my father and sided with my mother back then and only today, two decades later, I understand that there were two culprits and 4 victims.

    Pity that the happy part was just a setup for a much darker plot. Eating the owl? I kinda liked him.

  14. kath McGill

    Black Pet, if you looked up misogynistic, you would see his photo next to it. Women are not like guns (that should be locked and loaded behind the door (aka barefoot and pregnant – his words, not mine)

  15. Urago

    Won’t anyone tell Cara she got puke on her fur? XD

  16. LoboBobo

    -Guys, I can’t go through the vent.
    -Yeah, he’s right. We need to grease him up so he doesn’t get stuck. Everybody spit on Vanity!

  17. StoticM

    @LoboBobo This is the better alternative.

  18. Black Pete

    They could use Lech’s ego as a battering ram for the door ( :

    What does this professor teach?

  19. Ice Raven

    Why eth-ick’s of corse !

  20. TaggertShare

    Since Puke doesn’t seem to bother Cara or Tanked they just may make for a nice Odd Couple. At least one Bear tolerates Lech. Gimp shows his Bear claws, which can be rather long and large on some Bears. Sara seems so unfazed, wonder if she is up to or on to something.

  21. Chasey

    Taggert: I think Sara just doesn’t care about the untying Lech part.
    As for Cara, I don’t think she actually *knows* she has barf all over her back yet. Though, when it starts to dry, I’m not sure how she’ll possibly be able to miss the feeling. Ick.

  22. YourWorstNightmare

    Oh god XD poor Vanity!!!!!!!!! They gonna cover him in barf and slide him through a vent ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

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