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August 8th, 2016

Page 538

Took my kids to an open house at a gymnastics studio today (free hotdogs!  What parent turns that down??).  They generally had fun, me not so much: watched Sam jump off the balance beam half onto another kid who hadn’t cleared the landing area yet, watched him butt in line in front of two other kids, hauled him off the trampoline twice when he wasn’t sharing… Evan attempted the monkey bars, got a foot off the ground, gave up, flopped down on the mat beside me and cried that it was too hard and that he’d never do it/blah blah/this is boring/I’m soooo sad now/when do I get that hot dog???.  Kids…why did I do this again?!

And that waking up in someone else’s vomit thing?  Also inspired by my kids.

Vote incentive: Bacon!

Need more strong lady superheroes :)

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  1. T-Shaw

    Now they’re awake. What happens next?

  2. StoticM

    At least everyones ok? That sucks for Cara though. Despite this sour note here’s a fan fic I’ve wanted to write for a while.

  3. Luna

    I feel so bad for Cara seeing her covered in puke. That’s just nasty.
    Gay you had Tank puke on your feet before you should know if that stains or not already XD
    Wonder what will happen from here, I’m curious to see why Crack is acting so insane after being “cured” by the owl and why he seems slightly more hostile towards Death.


    Oh, look! Lech is tied up and his mouth is taped up! Oh, look! Nobody cares anymore! Haha. And waking up in Tanked’s vomit. Would only be funnier if it happened to Sara.

  5. Goma2003

    Oh my what a wake up call.

  6. Bry

    Cara, honey, i suggest u take a bath…pronto

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, I get that Crack is probably planning to scar the rest of the cast horribly, but… Why seclude Death from the rest? Is there something special that’ll happen to him? I’m half-afraid to find out!

  8. Urago

    Poor Cara.

  9. kath McGill

    Yes, Yes, this is the *other* side of your brain. Everything makes perfect sense now! its all the Owl’s fault!!! Crack would have been JUST FINE munching on the birds- but Noooo Owl had to be a smarty and shown WHY Crack has these issues instead of properly medicating him. and Crack can see , it is EVERONE ELSES fault that his brothers were gone as well as his Mama bear and if they all decided that he has to relive that… well, someone is going to get funky pancakes…

  10. Vausch

    I think this might be one of the rare times a character would be justified in a situation like this in cleaning themselves up before attempting to either get to safety or stopping the villain. I do like that’s showing Cara is a lot more patient with the antics of the others but everything has a limit. Tanked’s weak stomach is one that I’d imagine few could tolerate.

    Guess the question now is where are they? Certainly not the padded room. Only room I can think of with blue walls is Crack’s room where he kept Evil for interrogation and later to go Dexter on him. Which is funny because when I just went to look back I noticed that the area with his bed has brown/tan walls.

  11. Kittens

    Eeewwwww gross poor cars yuck

  12. Kittens


  13. Chris

    Eww, eww, eww.

  14. Chasey

    I love Cara’s face in the 7th panel, haha. But oh, man. I feel so bad for her. Eeeeesh! I hope they’re locked in someone’s bedroom so that she can shower! (Or are is there only one bathroom the bears share? I can’t recall where the bathtub was that Cracked was tossed into earlier)

  15. StoticM

    Aww i just noticed look how cute vanity looks and did Lech get gagged I thought he wasn’t? ok. Also thank you those who have read my fanfic I’ll write more probably an origin/twist to the Bn lore.

  16. Vausch

    @Stoic: Crack may have come back to tie him up better. Notice he’s now wound up completely instead of just his hand and feet bound. He learned from his times with Evil: don’t give them an inch.

  17. MustacheHam

    A good vinegar wash will get that smell and nasties off. :I
    Vinegar is an amazing cleaning solution. :)

  18. TaggertShare

    Well, Cara was a cute Bear. It really shouldn’t bother the Bears, in real life Bears can smell really bad. I have been close to several Black Bears. Don’t worry, I like Bears and would never hunt them.

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    Poor Cara XD and is it just me? Ooooooorrrrr are they all in Cracks mind…….white walls and floors………Death in a padded room that ‘Crack’ spent a lot of time in…………….

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