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August 1st, 2016

Page 537

It’s a beautiful holiday Monday here!  And I’m stuck inside learning a new program for an upcoming animation contract… I hate those first few weeks of trying to master software, it’s definitely NOT my strongpoint.  Blah.  I’d rather be out running in the sun, like these guys :)  There’s a whole bunch of new designs up now on a Teefury Studio Dooomcat spotlight (like a series of cute super heros and their pets, and a couple of Godzilla variants).  Tees are just $15 for this week!

Vote incentive: More Godzilla from the TF spotlight: Gi-ant man attacks!


  1. Goma2003

    Wow he’s pretty good with that knife

  2. Vausch

    I see Evil’s claim of being the best at hand-to-hand combat was not unsubstantiated. Even short an arm he was able to land a good hit and escape. He may be far from my favourite character but can’t deny, badass.

    Hmmmm, the knife changes style from clip point to normal point in panel 7. Hint this isn’t reality like the inconsistent crowns in the mind world, or art error?

    Either way, DANGIT I WANT ANSWERS!

  3. Ele0Ment

    I just found out now awesome these scenes are.
    The background even shattered during the fight between Evil and Crack,
    and the shattered marks follows the movement in the panel.
    It feels like Crack’s knife is so dangerous that it cut off the background xD

    Great work! Love it <3

  4. T-Shaw

    Ok, now that was either weird, evil, or a bit confusing.

  5. K

    Just going through the archive again, I suddenly realized the true demeanor of Cracked might have been very, very slightly hinted at in the “Undiscovered Country” arc, what with some of the reckless and aggressive behaviour he and his siblings displayed as cubs. They might have been on their way to becoming a trio of ‘Alpha Bear’ types, if not for the fateful incident.

    Page 516 even has him saying, “I thought we were big. I thought we were strong. I thought the other animals would be scared of us.”


    Even though Evil is clearly winning, I must say I am a fan of Crack’s reckless fighting style.

  7. Chasey

    I like Evil’s “sick of your shit” expressions in basically all the panels.

  8. Nikary

    I am definitely rooting for Evil in this fight.

  9. Raqoon

    Oh my goodness the expressions in this series are amazing…awesome work. Are we going to actually see Evil as the good guy in this one? Wish this was an animated series…

  10. CorvusCorone68

    @Vausch maybe it’s a weapon created and maintained by pure willpower, and if he takes a hit his willpower wavers, affecting the shape for a moment

  11. Bry

    hm? his hand is twitching…i wonder if that means hes becoming more unstable or perhaps original Crack is trying to take over.

    @ Raqoon technically speaking, Evil took a heroic role in the Evil 2.0 arc, just towards the end. Crack as a point though, Evil has loose morals. hed prank, torture and (possibly) kill anyone else, but he draws the line at killing his friends…or perhaps he draws the line at killing altogether unless it’s to obtain prey (his willingness to kill a human child, for example, because he was hungry). it seems this version of Crack doesnt care and will do just about anything to get his point across. he even stating he wants to kill Death TO DEATH’S FACE! whether the other bears had that idea or not (probably not), none of them would have the balls to tell it right to his face, knowing what he can do (sure, in this arc, Crack had him tied up but still). the only other bear that was that ballsy was Evil 2.0…so, in a way, we have a Crack 2.0 on our hands, an evil, smarter version of Crack

  12. admin

    @Vausch: Euh, total art error! Or maybe Broken Crack can mind bend things????

  13. StoticM

    @ Bry that’s an interesting observation, honestly I noticed that too. Part of me wants to know the Extent evil’s fighting style?

    On a lighter note I have a question for everybody that’s sorta of unrelated. What do you think each of the bears would listen too for music choices?

    For me I’d think:
    Pro: would listen to something calm and peaceful, Like maybe the ocean or various sounds.
    Death: somber songs, maybe classic rock?
    Lech: rock and roll?
    Evil: for some reason (punk rock)
    Gay: Happy upbeat songs; pop

    That’s it for me honestly I’m stumped by others. thoughts?

  14. Bry

    @ StoicM heres my thoughts on music:
    Prozac: calm music, like maybe classical, zen and nature sounds music
    Death: rock but i suppose whatever would be considered “soft rock” which is more slower and emotional
    Gimp: hmm…cant think of anything
    Lech: metal, maybe rap
    Evil: punk rock, metal
    Tanked: probably cartoon tunes xD
    Gay: pop
    Crack: hed probably be afraid of music since loud music might startle him or maybe the lyrics would uneasy him. he might also listen to zen and nature sounds like Pro does
    Nerd: movie (specifically Star Trek) and game OSTs
    Vanity: any song that boosts his ego and sings about “I” and “me”. anything that centers around the singer and thus him. most songs like this r pop
    Cara: depends on her mood, but i can see her mostly listening to pop
    Sara: some pop, but mostly rock and country thats, ehem, erotic in nature…

  15. Bry

    * unease


    Oh, it was art error. I guess that expels my theory of Crack being insane and hallucinating things. I still think this has to do with him inhaling those herbs, though…

  17. Trolldrool

    Not sure what the significance of the twitching could be, but I suppose we’ll see in time. My first thought was that it was a feint to draw Evil’s attention away from the knife before attacking. Second thought was that Crack’s body might be starting to suffer from withdrawal.

  18. Bry

    @ Trolldrool thats a good point, i havent thought of that. normally when u try to draw someone’s attention away in a fight, u move a certain way or use a different part of your body then strike while your opponent is going the opposite direction or prepping for the fake attack from (in this scenario) left hand, er, paw. it didnt work though because Evil still dodged. nice try, Crack

  19. Bry

    also, Evil is (essentially) fighting w/ one arm tied behind his back. as of now, his left arm is completely useless thanks to the tranquilizer dart…so for him to do what he did just proves how skilled he may be in hand-to-hand. if thats one arm, imagine what he mightve been able to do w/ both arms and hands at his disposal

  20. StoticM

    @True, very true. I’ve always thought it was a bluff but it’s great to see some other talent’s from evil that don’t involve cause mayhem(even though he could still cause bodily harm.) I still want to know what happen to the rest of the crew though. there’s no way he can move everybody that fast.

  21. StoticM

    /\ @ Bry sorry for being stupid there. was to quick to type there.

  22. Bry

    @ StoicM lol, happens all the time. plus we dont know how much time has passed

  23. Anonymous

    Please add more.

  24. YourWorstNightmare

    DANG!!!! Evil is such a badass!!! Thats why he’s my favorite X3 you go!!! Show him who the original psycho is!!!!

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