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July 25th, 2016

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I think I’ve watched that new Wonder Woman trailer 10 times by now :)  I don’t imagine I’ll ever get to Comic Con in my life time (and honestly don’t really think I could handle it crowds wise, eesh.) but I do enjoy this time of year when all the info/previews/footage comes out.  Wheeee geek stuff :)

Vote incentive: A cat in a hat, a very particular kind of hat.


  1. Constance

    He’s got a knife *aussie accent*

  2. T-Shaw

    “Never bring a Knife to a bear fight.” That is something you don’t see everyday.

  3. Vausch

    Ohhhh that explains why he didn’t conk out sooner.

    Superhero landing is bad on the knees there, Crack.

    Hm. Like Evil 2 he appears to be able to pull weapons from nowhere. And upset about being called unoriginal. Suspicions are raised. Tolerance of those darts only goes so far though. That’s gonna at least leave him a bit dazed and possibly short an arm.

  4. Francis-Olivier

    That’s not a knoife! Oh wait, it’s actually a pretty decent knife.

  5. Anon

    Where was he holding that knife…?

  6. Lalasa

    I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Evil had caches of weapons hidden around the enclosure and Crack simply pulled one of them out from the bushes.

  7. Athlone

    11th panel, adorable psychopath, like a bear version of Chara.

  8. Rainey

    That 11th panel is messing with my head. XD

  9. Cyzzle

    So if evil knew that the cakes were poisoned and fed them to Tanked because of that, why was he so oblivious to the hole situation this hole time? These two things don’t match up.
    I assume he just lied about knowing about the “deceit cakes” to not look stupid, and it was just his tolerance.

  10. Chris


  11. Bry

    so Crack does want payback against Evil. so did he completely forget about the prank they did together? i mean obviously that ONE isolated incident would make up for everything hes done to Crack, but it kinda helped him break out a bit. and i agree w/ Cyzzle, Evil knew about the spiked pancakes and fed them to Tanked, but didnt know what was going on? maybe he thought only HIS was spiked? thats the only thing i can think of

  12. Bry

    * would not


    Alright finally! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

    On a side note: Hey Alison, I got the Bear Nuts t-shirt a couple weeks ago and everyone who sees it(especially those out of context) loves it. New favorite shirt!

  14. Bluedramon

    Cyzzle: It is possible that Evil didn’t actually know the pancakes were spiked with something. A possibility is that he was grumpy about everything going on and just didn’t want to eat the pancakes (or perhaps was wary because I don’t think Crack ever made pancakes before) and gave his to Tanked.

    But seeing Crack behaving like this, everything clicked in his head and his response is reflecting that. Also yeah he might be trying to sound not stupid in front of Crack now that he knows something si up with him. Knowing Evil, he probably wanted to make it seem like he knew what was going on the whole time to make Crack think that he never got his guard down.

  15. Kittens

    Oh my……FIGHT FOR UR LIFE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. chase

    Ohhhhh. I had to go to the comments to realize that T stood for Tanked. Why did that take me so long. Ergh.

    I do really like how Evil knew the pancakes were spiked and yet didn’t warn anyone (very in character!) but also that he knows that surely everyone’s passed out (or at least he knows Tanked is) since he tasted the pancake drugs, and yet still thinks that whatever he is missing must be some kind of fun. Haha, that’s pretty brilliant if you ask me. x3
    Also, Cracked, whut? You really ARE feeling confident if you’re just gonna run in and fight him! If this all ends up with everything going back to the way it was in the end, I would expect some hefty revenge from Evil; he’s not a fan of being messed with.

  17. Todd Maccarone

    I don’t know who to root for in this fight.

  18. Nikary

    Well, Evil already knew things can’t possibly work out that well. And he DID try to warn Prozac, but the latter just shushed him.

  19. Faiz

    Evil ftw!!!!

  20. admin

    @ADHD: :D I should make more bear shirts…


    @admin You definitely should. I will go broke, but you should.

  22. partoftheuniverse

    So I’ve reread this chapter multiple times, and noticed that no, Evil did not have a bite of pancake. Either it was an artist error (and i don’t think it is) or whatever, but the pancakes don’t change in appearance. He just, well, sticks the fork in his mouth. That’s it.

  23. YourWorstNightmare

    IS THAT A KNIFE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! DAAAAAANG!!!!!! Evil could smell the deceit from a mile away XD Crack baby psycho does NOT look good on you T-T

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