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July 18th, 2016

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We moved back in Dec so it was a few months after, when the weather warmed up, that we started to meet our new neighbours.  They all have kids around the same age as ours, some exactly the same.  Our immediate neighbours on both sides have work from home dads and teacher moms.  Everyone’s home for the summer of course and there’s always kids out back, or coming up to our back door and asking to be let in.  When they all get out back, it turns into a crazed pack that just stops listening (there’s 9 total and only 3 of them are girls, two of those under age 2 and not talking yet, they have no calming influence on the rampaging boy band).  It’s an interesting experience considering our old neighbours on one side pretty much kept to themselves, and on the other had one son a lot older than Sam.  Impromptu bbq outside last night but I still managed to whip up some cookies and unfurl the new bouncy castle- guess who the stampede of children like best now? :)

Oh and Crack is messed UP.

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  1. Vausch

    I think we all want to know why, Crack!

    And a legitimate question, Evil. The others were passed out on the living room a few minutes ago so…I’m either getting American Psycho vibes here or Crack is a lot more efficient at cleanup and a lot stronger than I ever expected. Guess all that twitching would be a muscle booster.

  2. nessa

    “I spent a lot of time here” ohhhh dear

  3. Vausch

    @Nessa Y’know thinking it over, when we see Crack as a cub in Nerd’s origin we see he’s cowering under a blanket while Prozac is the one in a straight jacket. For that matter…where is this room? The floor is suggesting it’s in the cave but I’ve never seen a padded room before.

    And why would Crack be wanting to kill Death? For taking him to the owl and causing him to relive his past?

  4. Rae

    Well…its rather true, if you think about it. They ignore cracked, they constantly trivialize his feelings, no one gives him real support, death is willing to just shock him to get some peace, and its been implied or even shown before that he’s just been locked up when he’s a bother, or locked up for fun. So maybe I was thinking about this wrong? Its not a depiction of cracked being like, the most “evil…” its more that he is utterly traumatized and abused throughout his life by his new “family” because he came in traumatized and needing support they weren’t capable of giving. That’s… a tough thing to reconcile with. Suddenly I think the other bears are owing cracked a little more restitution than just “take him to the owl to cure him,” not that what cracked is doing is a response I’d condone. A lot of pain is suddenly there because I mean, I can relate to a family only wanting you to be normal and convenient, which is much different than accepting your problems and learning to cope with them over time. I did have a sneaking feeling that this very convenient and “fix all” solution might actually be something that he doesn’t appreciate. He can reconcile that his siblings died and that his mother died, but it would never change the betrayal that the other bears excluded him.

  5. Vausch

    I dunno Rae. We’ve never seen the others just lock Crack up when he gets annoying and considering even Crack wasn’t aware of why he was pretty much omniphobic, it’s hard fort he others to see why when he would flip out at nothing. Evil was the only one that would lock him up in a box when he was being his more sadistic self, and the times we’ve seen Death shock him were sedative measures. Nerd attempted to help him by giving him self-help tapes, even Evil has tried to help him relax and have fun after the incident with Evil 2. And Prozac in particular has been more than willing to go an extra mile for him, even staying awake in his room overnight when his night-light went out.

    The others rarely excluded him from anything either. Prozac gave him important duties like helping Lech get that kid Evil was going to roast to a safe spot, Death had him come with them when they were getting Prozac his medication, he even went swimming with them in the fountain. Only times he was “excluded” was when it was better to have him stay behind or when they needed someone to stay in the exhibit.

    Gah, I wish this comic was bi-weekly again. Working on a comic myself I know that’s a tall order when balancing life in general but the suspense on chapters like this leave me questioning everything until the next one comes out. It’s almost as bad as when One Piece does it.

  6. Chasey

    We still don’t know why Crack wants to kill Death, but it’s implied here that he might be the only one capable of stopping him? He’s saying he’s a bother. So I guess Death’s just the one who’d be most likely to regain control of this situation, were he out of the padded room. Still just guessing, though. The angry outburst of Death of needing to see it coming, though, that seems like Crack just being crazy some more… I really don’t know what he would have against Death otherwise.

  7. Nikary

    We also still don’t really know why Crack isn’t doing anything to Evil. Well, aside from making him feel lonely.

  8. Joe102

    is this the first time we’ve seen death afraid?

    Like… really afraid, and not just worried about someone else?

  9. Andrew

    Poor Crack… What he says in panels 2 and 3 really make me think that he blames himself for the deaths of his siblings and mother. Tragic and meaningless deaths that he didn’t understand why had to happen. I’m thinking that this rage and confusion is finally culminated now that he’s “in the right state of mind”, so to speak, in him torturing the others, having them feel what it was like for him, and make sure they are fully aware and comprehend it.

  10. Bry

    whoa, Crack, take it easy…! but i think i see where hes coming from. the other bears waved off his paranoia or ignored him because they didnt feel like dealing w/ him. all they did was give him some tapes to help (but it didnt for long) and took him to the owl. i mean, they MAY have catered to his paranoia, but they overall didnt support him. but y specifically Death i wonder… then again he did knock out everybody else, so maybe he has something planned for each of them?

  11. Bry

    well…everybody but Evil it seems. wait a minute…! the way hes acting now…it’s almost…Evil-ish. remember a few arcs ago? Evil took Crack out for one last huzzah after the whole Evil 2.0 thing before his “reformation”. Evil took him out for a prank that was kinda…spiteful. after they finished the prank, Crack, for a split second, had NORMAL eyes like he does now. maybe thats y Evil isnt knocked out…Crack probably thinks Evil understands him or something. or Evil is just immune…theres always that

  12. Daniel Wheeler

    Aw man, I like your original way better. It evokes the “Jaws” movie poster way better.

  13. K. Dragon

    … Is that Crack at all, or did Evil 2.0 pull a fast one during the spirit-walk?

  14. K. Dragon

    His ghost or whatever, I mean.

  15. Brian Hibbs

    If Crack was going for some kind of revenge wouldn’t he have done something to Evil by now? He and his clone locked him in that corn room after all. I suppose he could be waiting to save the best for last.

  16. Kittens

    I hope evil doesn’t get hurt

  17. justacritic

    puzzled evil bear is puzzled, that’s a cute look for him

  18. Bry

    @ Brian Hibbs that couldve been Evil 2.0’s idea. most of those schemes were WAY too over the top for Evil to come up w/. lile, w/ Crack for example, he’d probably chase him around w/ a corn on the cob ’til he passed out…but lock him in a room FILLED w/ corn? Evil isnt that sadistic unless he REALLY hates that person/bear/animal

  19. Cyzzle

    As a side note,
    i like how the most dangerous villains in Bear Nuts are the bears themselves.

    And, look at Panel 5. Look.
    I find it really hard to take Crack too seriously, even if he’s being homicidal.
    Just look at them :)

  20. StoticM

    I’m going leave my understanding of the situation at hand. There are only two i see getting hurt beacuse of… the vengeance of Crack. First to @Chasey I don’t want be that guy that spoils stuff, but from a story perspective and this probably has been said before. Death is one of many to get what’s coming to him with this new in control Crack. Evidence? Two instances of malice/hurtful intent of Crack. The first we all know is when he shocked crack in the tub to pacify him. He was trying to be helpful… But the second one, I was only reminded of it when he said “you have to see it coming!” that speaks volumes for the amount of repressed anger. And death is the only one that’s the largest threat possible to his plan right now, you can guess why. second. It’s Evil without a doubt, we all know why it’s not a secret there’s animosity between the two ReRead it: and tell me you don’t see it with a straight face. There are only two things that come to mind when I think about what evil’s done to hurt him. Destroying something precious to him, and Locking him in a room with something he feared. Final thoughts: Something worth waiting for and I love the possibilities of where this could go. Ms. Acton if you see this(sure you will) this level of premeditation with your planning is AWESOME. thank you. TLDR: Everyone’s taken a crack at him once. but the one’s how wronged him are gonna get worst. (hopefully not) Crack’s gonna give it to em…

  21. Bry

    @ StoticM EVERYONE has animosity towards Evil…and Evil didnt do anything to Crack in that arc. when he said “You’re going to hell”, he meant Evil is going to hell for laughing at their mishap because they couldve died (Lech accidentally crashed the car into a WALL at high speed)


    All these long comments about what Crack meant and why Evil is unaffected, but I’m happy that we get to see an angry Crack. :)

  23. Evilbob dA

    Crack has cracked!!!

    (I refuse to apologize.)

  24. StoticM

    @Bry True. but the look he gives just looks like he has malice behind it. And I wasn’t excluding everyone from Evil animosity. I’m just bringing up two moments from the characters we’ve seen. Evil and Death.

  25. Rae

    @Vausch see this is why I don’t talk about these things. Abusers doing nice things doesn’t negate abusing and excluding. I can speak from experience that being given a bunch of useless self help books is not real support for a troubled person. Plus these bears are messed up and beat each other all the time. Crack has absolute reason to have his paranoia exacerbated. I can’t imagine its a very pleasant situation to live in 24/7, despite any attempts at “support” or “niceness” that seem to be always thinly veiled with the desire for him to just stop being annoying, like you are expressing. Idk either way these comments and its readers are sometimes seeming a bit distastefully bigoted and uninformed for my tastes, unless this story turns way, way around. Maybe I’m being a little bit too serious about a comic meant to be about offensive bears, but I never appreciate story lines with mentally ill that cops out at “they are irredeemable demons,” comedy or not. Its very harmful.

  26. soman

    wait, a bouncy castle?!?!?!?!?!
    thouse things have caused numerous ingurys before, you know.
    I think they may have even killed someone as well.

  27. Vausch

    @Rae: Yes but if you think about it, the others aside from Evil and maybe Lech have rarely if ever INTENTIONALLY hurt Crack. The only ones I can think of that did so were Tanked when he was suffering from Withdrawal, Prozac under the same circumstances, and Death when he shocked all of them in the pool.

    Plus the others don’t know anything about anxiety or mental disorders. Nerd giving him those self-help tapes was probably the best he could do given if he tried to do something that wasn’t from professional advice he could make things worse. I’ve run into that fear myself a LOT and it gets some of them mad at me for not saying something because I worry I’ll say the wrong thing. And yes there is probably selfishness in the whole thing with wanting him to be less annoying from his paranoia, but depending on your philosophy EVERYTHING is done with some selfishness in mind. Making Crack better and less paranoid means not only is he healthier but the others have to deal with his freakouts less.

    Also I’m completely with you on that negation of abuse thing. I had an argument with someone prior about Evil with them making the claim that Sara deserved the near-death beating she got from the Polars and Evil shouldn’t get any repercussions despite Evil having a long history of abusing all the bears to the point of torture and near death in some cases while Sara at worst got Gay beaten (not uncommon occurrence) and made the others pamper her a bit while under mind control because Evil “redeemed” himself in the Evil 2 arc…y’know, after he started everything.

  28. Constance

    You know… Crack did enjoy causing trouble when Evil helped him out that one time. This could just be him without the crazy-fear stopping him from doing shit. =P

  29. Some So-and-So

    @Rae: Speaking as someone with anxiety issues, I don’t find this the least bit condemning. As you yourself said, maybe you’re being a bit too serious about a comic meant to be about offensive bears. That’s the point of the comic. ALL of these bears are terrible people. I don’t see why Crack should be given special treatment. He’s treated just like everyone else, and I find it refreshing. As for what you said earlier, about the idea that ‘curing’ someone with mental issues will release their demons, it’s not like this is the first time Crack has shown this sort of behavior. He’s kidnapped and interrogated Evil before and has shown other violent tendencies, just like any of the other bears. It seems much more likely to me that this is just the type of person (or bear) that he is.

    Calling the story arc ‘damaging’ also comes off as a bit condescending to your fellow readers. It implies (to me anyway) that we do not seem capable of taking a work of fiction for what it is: a work of fiction. Something that is not real. I don’t think reading this comic is going to in any way alter anyone’s perception of those with mental disorders.

    I’ve also got to agree with Vausch regarding the other bears motivations with wanting to help. When you put yourself in a certain mindset, it’s easy to view a selfless act of concern in a selfish light. But I don’t think it’s fair to say that they don’t care. Would they have to suffer through less ‘freak-outs’ if Crack gets better? Most definitely. Even if that was their soul motivation, I don’t see what’s wrong with that either. Everyone is entitled to their own happiness. BUT, if they didn’t want to suffer though any freak-outs at all, wouldn’t it be easier to just push him away? Why would they bother trying to help him in the first place if they did not in fact care?

    Look at poor Prozac. He drives himself to wits’ end, trying to maintain some semblance of order and keep everyone happy, even at his own expense. He would be much better off if he would just wash his hands of them and leave them to their own devices, but he doesn’t. He keeps trying to help. Because he cares.

  30. StoticM

    I want to say that if I offended any one with my comments. I didn’t mean it to sound like I was demonizing the ill, nor seem like a bigot. I was very excited to see the next portion of the story and felt like sharing my two cents. I love the this series as a whole and it’s characters. It’s fun for me and I don’t wish to take anyone else’s fun at the cost of offending anyone.

  31. Chris

    Crack stap, you’re doing me a concern!

  32. Todd Maccarone

    Crack, whatever you have planned, stop it now! Also, I feel so bad for Death (not that the other characters are in any less peril)… This may seem selfish, but I really hope that Death’s origin story shows up whilst he’s in solitary confinement.

  33. TaggertShare

    Hey Evil. This may be a good time to watch the television without having to fight over it. (That was my favorite ARC so far). Also a good time to raid the fridge if you can trust the food in there. I like Evil’s character. He’s so bad he’s good. Whether a hero or victim I anxiously await his Fate. Hmm… solitary confinement. That could cause many a Bear to crack up!

  34. Chasey

    Oh, those are good points @StoicM. I only meant that I’m not really sure why Death “needs to see it coming”. It’s obvious Death would be the one most powerful to stand in Crack’s way, but I’m not sure why Death has to see it coming. I suppose I’m confused about the “you have to know why, first.” because I don’t know why myself. Maybe I have missed something.
    Also, I like the idea someone else mentioned of Crack thinking he might find some friendship or ally in Evil now that he is also evil himself. Or something totally seeming like evilness, anyway… but I also don’t really think that’s gonna happen. Still think it’s gonna end up being Evil saving the day. And let me rephrase: I don’t mind Evil being the one to save the day and say I TOLD YOU SO, I just would prefer it to be some other bear who saves the day, because Evil’s not my favorite.
    Regardless, I am very entertained and VERY hooked. I can’t stand the long waits for Monday!!

  35. Chasey

    Ooh! I think I mentioned this before, but I wonder if Madge might end up helping later when her purple friend doesn’t show up for dinner! I like Madge a lot. :3

  36. mrjtg12

    I guess you could say Crack has cracked!

    What? Done before? Okay….

  37. T-Shaw

    Now what?

  38. jack kanin

    It could be because Death is the personification of Crack’s ultimate fear?

  39. YourWorstNightmare

    T-T you should have left him beeeeeeeeee Ya’ll let out the evil thing he was keeping locked away in that head of his……Crack didn’t come back out with ya’ll…………..his CRAZY did!!!!!!!!!!

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