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July 11th, 2016

Page 534

Old computer: DEAD.  New computer: NO PRE-SETS, NO PASSWORDS, NO PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES INSTALLED… arg.  Gonna take me a few days to get back to business as usual :(

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  1. StoticM

    (Pardon my language.) Holy Shit! no,no no! I really want to see what happens now.


    Wow. Crazy Crack was hilarious. Cured Crack was really cute. However, this hybrid of crazy cured Crack is absolutely perfect. This is the best of both worlds. I really like this character.

  3. Shenny

    Maybe in his own twisted, psychotic way he’s trying to help the others overcome their personal problems? Figured Death’s death touch can’t be cured so he’d put him out of his misery?

  4. T-Shaw

    Oh shit! Three questions: What does Crack think he’s doing? Why is he doing this? And how come Evil isn’t affected?


    @Shenny I think Crack is done being helpful about now.

  6. Stardust

    Nothing is ever gonna go right. I kinda saw it coming, but dang. In the panels crack had with the girls, all I could hear him say was, “If I can’t have you, no one can.” I think I’ve been playing too much yandere simulator.

  7. Vausch

    Well this is frightening.

    @T-shaw immunity? Evil does know his way around poisons.

  8. rezleza

    Time to get a refund from that owl :)

  9. Nikary

    So… Crack _did_ turn evil.
    And Evil’s the only one who can stop him.
    I don’t know about you, but I’m amused.

  10. Chasey

    I still dislike that it looks like it’s being set up for Evil to get to be the one to save the day and say “I told you so.” but that’s just me and my preferences :P But I can see why it has to be one of the bears who was there to see Cracked’s past, and I guess Evil seems the most likely to be unaffected by drugged pancakes. But it seems Crack sought out everyone after they were passed out in order to confine them, so why hasn’t he sought out Evil and found him unaffected yet, or is it only the girls and Death? Guess we will see next week!

    And oh noes! I guess this also means Cracked has *actually* cracked this time!

  11. DozerTheDozerian

    Death’s face on the last panel: “We’ve created a monster!”

  12. Glowworm

    Shit’s going down! Also, maybe Evil is unaffected because he didn’t eat the pancakes.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    Whooooah. O_o

  14. Paarah

    These week long cliff hangers are killing me >_<

  15. chase

    Glowroom: it appears in one of the pages that Evil does have a fork in his mouth, so we can assume he ate at least one bite. Maybe one bite wasn’t enough, though.

  16. Virgil S.

    It occurs to me now that we didn’t keep close track of Crack’s “brain” during the reverie. The owl is the one that initially gives it to him (and note that it’s initially owl-sized, which the owl claims is due to atrophy), then the owl pours something–we don’t know what–on it, making it full-sized. Crack goes through his journey, and at the end he releases the brain, which flies (literally, on little wings) into the head of his suspended self.

    What if what we’re witnessing here isn’t Crack? What if the owl exploited the reverie, and Crack’s vulnerability at the time, as a means of possessing or co-possessing Crack’s body? Evil says earlier in the arc that the owl is “a crotchety old dick” and we have no real insight as to what he meant by that. The owl behaved quite genially as far as I can see.

    What his motives could be, I also don’t know.

  17. chase

    Virgil:: Those are some cool speculations! The owl possessing Cracked somehow would be a neat twist, but I’m not sure how he would have been able to fly away and seem normal to everyone after they were done with their little dream-time thing. Also, I’m not too sure what the owl’s motive would be to have considered killing Death, as is mentioned here on this page. He seems to be Death’s friend, or at least, sorta… Of course, to your point, he could still be a REALLY HUGE dick and be playing Death.

  18. Mr. Casual

    Why in the world would Crack being cured of his fears make him turn into an evil mastermind? I hope we get some explanation for this.

  19. Brian Hibbs

    This is looking interesting so far but the first question when seeing this wasn’t what happened to crack to make him do this but where the hell did they get the asylum that suddenly appears to be in their cave?

  20. Rae

    I genuinely hope there is some greater twist to this because I’m going to comment as a person with anxiety problems and who likes the character of Crack because of that reason…

    Making a statement that even with better coping methods and treatment you have to deal with your “demons” is fine. Making a statement which implies that “curing” a mentally ill person of whatever ails them will unleash the “demon” they really are because they are no longer incapacitated is not. This story, with all its EDGE, is uncomfortably seeming like the latter.

  21. Bry

    holy crap, the paranoia kept him in check it seems. i mean, given all hes been through, it’s no surprise hes a bit of a sociopath

  22. Vausch

    @Virgil S. I actually had a similar hypothesis. 2 actually.

    One is that the process didn’t so much as cure Crack as it did awaken a split personality that he’s been suppressing with a paranoid one. Said paranoid one has limits though and being exposed to the goose wound up breaking it and giving the other one a chance to surface, hence when he ate it.

    The other is a bit darker but…well, what exactly let Crack survive the alligator attack? I feel really dark saying this but what if Crack made up his past there? Like, what if his brother and sister did die but it was his intention? Or if he actually did have a happy life but something else traumatised him and set his psychotic and anxiety ridden self to be? We know from Nerd’s past that he was one of the first two bears to enter the discount zoo together with Prozac and he was cowering under a blanket then, so there is some believability to his story.

    Also side note, has anybody else imagined Crack’s voice going from Tweak in South Park to a something more stereotypically evil and subdued?

  23. MustacheHam

    Well, this is a bigger twist than expected.

    I may not be fully sure on what his full intentions are, but seeing as he’s no longer held down by psychological chains of fear…so yeah Crack’s now able to fulfill things he’s held back, things being certain ideas and perceptions for the gang.

    And may I say that they do deem very grim. :(

  24. Todd Maccarone

    Crap! I was wrong. Still, this should prove interesting.

  25. Virgil S.

    @chase: I admit the speculation is at least partly my concurring with @Rae that yet another psychopath in the group is sad panda, and with @MrCasual’s unspoken criticism that it isn’t a plausible plot twist, even in crazy bear world.

    If this is indeed the “real” Crack, there’s an episode of “Outer Limits” with a similar premise. A man and woman are on the run from an evil corporation. The man has lost his memories, but has a case with him that enables him to recover them a few years at a time. The man and woman become good friends leading up to the end of the episode, and the man’s memories reveal his life bit by bit, where it’s revealed that he has a well-meaning but tragic past.

    At the end of the episode, he injects the last few years of memories and “discovers” that he turned out to be a psychopath, he’s the leader of the corporation hunting himself and the woman, and that one of the many people he was experimenting on wiped out his memory. The episode ends with him about to torture his woman friend. Frankly, it’s the stupidest plot twist in the history of the series, and that’s saying something.

    Even if this turns out to be a “Dark Crack” and split personality that can be “repressed”—nngghh. Tread lightly, Dooomcat, or risk destroying the likability of the character. :P

    I still have hope. Past arcs have revealed that while Crack is paranoid to the point of rash action, he’s definitely one of the nicer bears.

  26. Faiz

    Evil, it’s up to you now!

  27. Kittens

    Oh God poor death I feel so bad for him

  28. Quant

    Girls! I afraid about what he will can do with they. Please, not any rape or humiliation.

  29. Cyzzle

    I don’t think that this version of crack is any “hybrid” or split version of Crack or anything. There’s a much simpler explanation.
    I am almost sure that this IS crack. This is how crack would be without all the mental issues. I believe the mental problems of the “usual” crack simply masked his murderous, super evil tendencies.
    And now that crack his cured, there’s nothing left to hold his evilness back.

  30. Shenny

    I still think that in his own twisted way, he’s trying to help the bears. It’s going to come back to Prozac’s chat with Vanity: letting things go, the others having petty problems.

  31. MegK

    Not sure which is more shock, Cracked being evil, or Evil considering someone else’s feelings lol Looking forward to how this plays out.

  32. Brian Hibbs

    @ MegK: Maybe Evil understood Nerd’s criticism but decided the only other people he should care about are those who enjoy sullen isolation as much as him.

  33. chronamut

    I don’t think it needs to be said that they all had it coming to them. Maybe he intended evil to not be affected so that he can deal with him – PERSONALLY – we have seen he is more than capable of incapacitating evil when he had the tag on his ear..

  34. Urago

    @Quant: I don’t think the comic will ever take such a dark turn.

  35. TaggertShare

    At least Crack likes Cara. He really does hurt the ones he loves.
    Crack’s remark about Death make me think…can one kill death?”

  36. UnusualWolf

    Idk if it was already said, but I believe it is evil 2.0

  37. YourWorstNightmare

    Omg O.O Crack is INSANE!!!! He went easy on the girls cuz he likes Cara……does that mean he doesnt like the others?!?!?!?!?! And omg Evil is immune to poison pancakes!!!!! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEE dont let him kill Death DX

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