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July 4th, 2016

Page 533

The plot, and the vomit, thickens :)
Happy 4th to all my US friends and fans and family!  I finally got the TWC vote incentive working/updated so click to see my Canada Day image (needs more duct tape).


  1. j king

    WOW.I think I might be more surprised that gimp through up instead of tanked.

  2. StoticM

    Oh no…

  3. Chasey

    I like that, despite just being yelled at, Sara’s still a good sister and concerned about Cara’s tummy woes.
    And, honestly, I don’t really blame Sara for not wanting to have lunch with Madge. I don’t think Madge is the grudge-holding type, but I can imagine wanting to avoid the awkwardness of seeing her again for the first time since “the incident.” It’s just uncomfortable, heh.

  4. Vausch

    Hooboy, even Gimp. Awww, I know Cara has hair-trigger mood swings but for some reason when she cries with something like “My tummy hurts” it really makes it seem too sad.

    Welp, there goes my hypothesis. I do genuinely hope Crack isn’t being held back from being a psychopath by his anxiety. That makes this even more tragic.

  5. feartheswans

    Where’s Evil?! Where is our sociopathic grey ball of mischief and mayhem? Where’s Death?! Where is our ursine grim reaper and bane of electronic’s everywhere?

  6. T-Shaw

    Ok. So what did Crack put in those pancakes?

  7. Francis-Olivier

    Eugh… I just realised the guy that barfed was the one with a mask…

  8. Darkwolf0

    Lmao! What the heck did Crack put in those pancakes? XD

  9. Joe102

    Makes sense that gimp vomited. If he has the most medical experience then when the others started dropping off he likely tried to induce vomiting on himself in the hopes it would get the drugs out


    I’m just wondering how Tanked managed to hold it in…

  11. Kittens

    Y just y

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, this may sound a bit out of left field- I may even be totally wrong with this -but what if Crack is innocent and it’s actually Sloth Bear who secretly poisoned the pancakes as retribution for being abandoned all those chapters ago? It’s possible.

  13. Constance

    I’m surprised Nerd didn’t barf… He seemed to have ate the most. :P

  14. Chasey

    I think Madge might be the one to save the day, or at least help, when she comes to investigate why her dinner guest didn’t show up later today.

  15. Hello

    What if it was Evil who poisoned the pancakes? It didn’t show him eating any pancakes, I mean, there was a fork in his mouth, but there was no pancakes missing from his plate. So…..

  16. Vausch

    @Hello: You’ll notice later on his plate the pancakes have clear signs of being eaten. They’re smaller and cut up, with enough to equal at most one left on the plate. Besides, as a whole Evil has toned down his pranking on the other bears and that seems a little far when doesn’t have a known end-goal in mind.

    The only real trouble I’m having in believing this is Crack’s doing is…well, why would he? He’s had moments of being able to have fun with the others, he likes Prozac and Death especially after helping him, he doesn’t have any known grudges against Gay, Nerd, Gimp, Vanity, Tanked, or Cara (assuming he never found out about the bleaching), and the only ones I can imagine him having reason to have any retaliation against are Sara, Evil, and Lech. And even Sara seemed on fairly good terms after it all.


    @Vausch Well think about it Crack blows everything out of proportion, he is insane and relies on distrust, and he was just forced to relive his horrifying past. I’d say it’s right to assume he’s done this.

  18. Cyzzle

    Don’t forget that somebody tied up Lech. Who else, other than Crack, could have done that? I have no trouble believing that Crack is responsible for all this.

    But i am clueless about how Evil fits in this story… he’s the one most skeptical, and usually he is the one who gets kidnapped by Crack. Wouldn’t it be an ironic twist if he is, for once, the only one that does not get kidnapped?
    He ate pancakes though… but what if his pancakes weren’t poisoned? That isn’t so unrealistic, since Evil is (ironically) the only one who Crack has somewhat friendly bonds with.

  19. Vausch

    @ADHD: Yes but all of that was stemming from his anxiety being caused by repressed memories of his siblings and mom dying. I will grant one session certainly isn’t enough to get over all of those issues, but reliving those memories is what supposedly helped him get a long standing weight off his shoulders. I don’t doubt Crack did this, I’m just curious as to what the thought process is.

    @Cyzzle: I know. I’m not saying I don’t think Crack is doing this, I just don’t fully grasp WHY. Plus in with your Evil/Crack friendliness, they did have one experience together but their other encounters in the past are less than pleasant. Especially since they did put him in a corn prison.

    What is making me curious though is Evil knows his way around poisons and things to knock people out. Maybe he had a suspicion and didn’t eat his, just made it look like he did.

  20. Solrak

    You know, that sixth panel would be really cute if the bears weren’t actually in danger, or without the puke. I hope Gimp was able to open the mouth zipper in time before puking, but I don’t that was the case. I jave plenty of ideas on why Crack would do this, if he is actually the one behind it. With Alison, you don’t know what to expect. Oh well, I guess we might find out in a few hours.

  21. YourWorstNightmare

    Ok……sooooooooooo…….Crack drugged them all……………what horrors await them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Crack has gone off the deep end O.O

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