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August 15th, 2016

Page 539

Yet another scoop enabled tragedy at the Discount Zoo…

Vote incentive: Despite the fact that I enjoy drawing tortured food, I don’t really have any desire to see that sausage fest movie :P

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    See, this is why Crack is the best character. He actually scoops his victims successfully. He is capable of senseless murder without other characters holding him back. You are such a disappointment, Evil.


    I do enjoy the continuation of the whole “Pulling random knifes out of nowhere” thing.

  3. Luna

    Well, this comic just went to a completely new level of disturbing. I’m more curious then ever now to know just what the hell is wrong with Crack that he MURDERED someone and ATE them, if the Owl is really dead and not injured and hidden somewhere with Crack messing with everyone’s head.

    If Crack really did do that, jeez what will the others think of it?

  4. Tyrone

    Ouch! What’s really happening? !
    The “Investigation Discovery’s” channel
    Logo should be in the corner of every panel!

  5. rotatingspit

    I really hope you didn’t undo Crack just to make him into Duke from the Ambition games + a school-shooter type

  6. KKSlider

    If the Owl is really dead I will be so sad. He was my favorite side character and was chill. Alison pls

  7. T-Shaw

    There cannot be two assholes in Bear Nuts. If this was like Spaceballs then Gay Bear would’ve been” I knew it I’m surrounded by assholes.”

  8. Anon

    I’d say “well this got dark,” but that happened several strips ago.

  9. Dakaggo

    I don’t think Crack can come back from this. It’s one thing to threaten people or kill some unintelligent goose while having a manic episode but to calmly kill and eat an intelligent creature is actual psychopath territory. I think he should get eaten by polar bears, just punishment.

  10. MicaXIII

    the owl! nooo D:>

  11. Vausch

    Jiminy Christmas! I really don’t know what to say about this. Will agree though, Crack does the evil psychopath better than Evil. He thinks his plans through.

    @Dakaggo: I think it’s implied ALL animals in this comic are intelligent, including the goose. Prozac talked to some birds prior without them speaking, so it’s possible that it’s a language barrier or just one of those things where the bears understand them but we don’t. Besides, Evil has eaten several birds over the years among other things. What I worry about is how this is gonna hit Death knowing his friend was eaten.

    I don’t want this to turn out to all be a dream or Crack dreaming up a worst case scenario to taking the herbs, but at the same time I don’t want him to turn out to be worse than Evil. I like Crack ;w;

  12. Chris

    I remember a few pages back I asked Alison to be nice to Crack, thinking his innocent mind would be at risk of some cruel turn of fate. That something would bring his crazy back in some manner… I’m done with that now. The situation has turned around and he has become the very aspect of cruelty I was concerned about. May the powers-that-be do what they must. I’m interested to see how this unfolds.

    TL;DR: Boy this sure is crazy, can’t wait to how it turns out.

  13. Uzoma Uwanamodo

    It’s time for Prozac to share his drugs

  14. Chasey

    It’s only different from killing the goose because this time he knowingly and willfully did it, AND because we actually got to know the owl a little bit first.

    At this point, even though it’s usually not a favorite cliche of anyone, I’d rather Crack still just be having a crazy dream in the owl’s herb-trance and he’ll eventually wake up unchanged because he’ll have seen what will happen if he changes.

  15. Nox

    Getting the Joker vibe from Crack

  16. Rainey

    Oh holy crap. Poor owl. OAO

  17. Bry

    holy crap, dude… o~o”

  18. Glowworm

    Not the owl! I loved the owl!

  19. rugibess

    Allison has said before that she would never kill off the main cast, but now I fear that she is reconsidering O.O

  20. Ana

    Of course the owl survived. It’s entirely possible for a bird to get out from there from massive blood loss, meat and his own spine behind.
    Spot my sarcasm.

  21. Mr. Casual

    What in the ever-loving heck? :(

    How in the world did this happen? How did giving Crack his confidence back turn him into an alpha-level psychopath?

    With the owl gone, how can this ever be fixed?

  22. Nikary

    I believe that’s the first time a speaking and sort-of-named character dies in this comic? Well, not counting Evil 2, but who counts the temporary clones.

  23. chase

    I guess that was a smart move by Crack, to get rid of the one who could change him back. But I’m afraid he can’t go back, as in, if he does, I don’t understand how anyone will be able to forgive him, or not be afraid him forever after, or how he will be able to live with himself back in his scaredy-cat state… Which is why I’m still kinda hoping it’s somehow a dream :(
    (If not, though, I’m assuming Death or Prozac might be the ones to change him back after Evil whoops his butt, especially since story-telling mechanics like to go full-circle, and we started out with Death and Prozac anyway.)

  24. Kittens

    Oh my God……….y crack just y:'(

  25. Thwaitesy


    Though I will admit I like the panel of CracK laying on the tree branch. I dunno why, Must be how casually he’s doing it.

    Also it seems he covered the owl in BBQ sauce before he ate him.

  26. StoticM

    So I’m gonna be honest here, not only did i not see this coming but now I’m sad because i might have tweak somethings cause the owl is dead now…Wow.Just I hope things will get better but, dang. Here’s some fan-fiction to ease the truma…

  27. StoticM

    My bad.

  28. TF

    In before this is all Evil’s hallucination.

  29. Starfoxx

    Some of you guys really have to go and read the begining, by the way I am curious to know what evey bodys favorite character is just to get an idea of the most popular character.

  30. ruggs

    How many scoops does it take to get to the center of the…

  31. Hikaru

    I’m gone for two months and THIS is what I miss? Dang! I really need to stick to the program. I’m missing out on the awesome stuff.

  32. Ninkuro

    Crack used to be one of my favorite characters. Now I’m disgusted by him! He is a complete monster and I never knew! I imagined that he was going to became a jerk, and was going to be turned back to keep the status quo, but not at this level!

  33. Ninkuro

    The Owl helped Crack, and he paid that by killing the owl! Poor Owl…

  34. Shenny

    Wait, is Evil’s arm okay now? He has it folded in the second-to-last panel.

  35. Valentine

    I hope that Crack dies at the end of this…It’d spice up the whole comic a bit, get rid of probably one of the worst or least entertaining bears in the bunch I’d be totes down for that.

  36. Dakaggo

    I think his arm was paralyzed from the dart (rather than his whole body) so it might have started to wear off. I don’t think it was broken or anything.

  37. Urago

    @Starfoxx: My favorite character at the moment is Cara. I think she’s adorable.

  38. StoticM

    @ To be honest, it’s a three way tie for me. Lech, Evil and Nerd, with Nerd and Evil fighting for 1st. I love the growth both of them have gone through respectively. I wish Lech had more growth. But there are some things that shine through the cracks. Runners up : Gay, Gimp, and Tanked.

  39. StoticM

    @ starfoxx; dang it i did it again.

  40. crazybark


    go on…

  41. Trolldrool

    While I’m not opposed to the idea of Crack being evil without substance abuse, I can’t help but feel we already went through this exact scenario with Prozac, who also depends on an excessive supply of drugs to keep his violent tendencies in check. Different severity, but same plot.

  42. TaggertShare

    I can’t believe I am saying this…Get him Evil! For those thinking some Bear must die I personally have always found it hard to kill off a Character in any of my Fanfics. However it is sometimes necessary. Death is after all a part of Life. The ultimate oxymoron.

  43. Dakaggo

    @Trolldrool I don’t think Crack took any drugs he was just crazy paranoid.

  44. Bry

    @Shenny it probably left his system already. the fact the tranq merely numbed his arm instead of knocking him out completely or, at the very least, slow his reflexes and mobility (he was able to quickly dodge and retaliate when Crack attacked) is surprising… not to mention that his movement from evading Crack’s attack and walking across the zoo to get to the aviary shouldve caused the tranq to circulate his body faster and slow him down. so he shouldve been either out cold or too “under the influence” of the tranq, becoming sluggish, and shouldve been at the whims of Crack by now. assuming Crack used enough tranq to knock out a bear, Evil’s body must have a high tolerance rate (like what Crack noted a couple paged ago. even though Evil said he fed the drugged pancakes to Tanked, i’m pretty sure i saw him eat a pancake…so, unless he noticed something off about the taste and coughed it back up, i’m positive he ate and digested the pancakes like the rest of the bears) to be able to process and eliminate the tranq that quickly. i could be wrong but meh. the only times we saw the tranq do absolutely nothing to the tranquilized animal was Death, and he was hopped up on caffeine then so it took a lot more tranq to take him down, and Tanked. considering Tanked’s, er, “condition” he may also have a high tolerance rate and be virtually immune to tranquilizers

  45. N0083rP00F

    Just a note on the vote incentive, for that extra twist of the macabre you could use a variation of Questionable Content’s A.I. toasters. [insert maniacal laughter here]

  46. RatFaceMigee

    Wow Crack really should be put down at the end of this, I just don’t see any way for him to regain anyone’s trust after all he’s said and done.

  47. Mr. Whim

    Welp, there’s the moral event horizon. I dunno about anyone else, but Crack’s officially irredeemable to me.

  48. Nikary

    Well, I believe Crack should live and grow more as a character. If we don’t see a way, it doesn’t neccessarily mean there isn’t one.

  49. YourWorstNightmare

    Evil is waaaaaaay smarter than he is given credit for X3 but omg Crack ATE the owl!!!!!!!!!!!

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