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January 25th, 2016

Page 510

Gay has waaaay too much time on his hands, and a sewing machine.  I, on the other hand, have wasted too much time watching videos of crazy people jumping into snow banks.  Apparently this storm is going to pretty much miss us, and the temperature for next week (and even more so for the first week of Feb) is pretty mild considering we’re into late January.  I can’t remember the last time we had a major storm like that!

Vote incentive: I’m all over the fitness related tees lately, and I can’t remember the last time I ate a donut

New tees Monday: ‘Heavy Metal Panda’ at Woot, and some early Valentine designs on Woot and Neato (loooove Harley’s 90s get up, the movie version’s lack of pants…not so much).


  1. T-Shaw

    She got owned.

  2. Nikary

    I love Sarah’s final line xD

  3. J.M.barrie

    Awww. looks like Glech and Gay are having a little lovers dispute

  4. Madmatt

    Gay looks so sassy in the second last panel

  5. chase

    Is it just me, or is she actually taking a joke? I’m proud of her! But… less proud of Gay… but… he still deserves to get some kicks in, I think.

  6. Chris

    I love Gay bear:P

  7. Bry

    lol i was expecting Sara to go all psycho again, she took that pretty well xD

  8. Alister

    Seeing Gay like this gives me life. Bear Nuts always makes my Mondays better, but seeing Gay flick Sara off with that face pretty much makes my whole week.

  9. Glowworm

    That second to last panel with Gay flaunting his pink hat is fabulous.

  10. YourWorstNightmare

    WOW that was fabulous~ LOVE Gay in the second to last panel and is it just me or does Lech totally seem overly upset over this XD

  11. Nonsens

    Holy WOW!
    Best line ever :)

  12. Urago

    Actually, if the other bears do impressions of the others, I wonder if Cara will get annoyed at one of them inevitably imitating her mood swings?

  13. Silka

    RE: the heavy metal panda – Sooooo, a Jack Black t-shirt. XD

  14. Michael Sirius

    Yo, Gay, fall back, fall back. Lech is glowing now. Fall back, fall back.
    Spot on impression tho
    Also, Lech is extra grumpy, not pissed, grumpy today. Was he planning for more “chocolate-chip cookies” today?

  15. bought a shipment of clothing from Gay

    loving the outfits gay!!

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