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January 18th, 2016

Page 509

And now to check in with the rest of the crew where everything is running smoothly of course… and absolutely no one is letting the power go to their heads…

Fortunately my house doesn’t feel like a strange hotel anymore :)  Still miss my old office though; lots of storage and I knew where everything was.  Now half my stuff is still in boxes and I can’t find anything, even the things I knew I would need soon and thought I’d packed carefully and in a way I’d remember and be able to find quickly…urgh.  And Sam bit a kid at school last Friday, hard enough to leave a mark through a snow suit (apparently he was hugging Sam from behind and wouldn’t let go).  Two weeks in, way to make friends dude :P

Vote incentive: who’s given up on their New Year’s resolution already?  This guy.


  1. Gisel

    What are you DOING to me Gay WHY


  2. T-Shaw

    I wonder what Sara will think of that.

  3. stardust

    “Attention seeking faker.”
    *rage incoming*

  4. stardust

    Anyways, why wasn’t Gimp put in charge?! He’s super responsible and way more level headed than Gay! Prozac, you fucked up.

  5. NAZF

    …Hoo, boy… this is gonna end badly… >.>;

    @stardust: Gimp doesn’t talk though… it would probably be hard to follow orders of someone who never even speaks (not saying he’s unable to though), but I do kinda agree with you. Other than Death (who’s currently with Crack, Prozac, and Evil), Gimp is probably the most qualified one there.

    Then again, it probably wouldn’t be as amusing if something didn’t go horribly wrong (which it most likely will). :P

  6. J.M.barrie

    Oh boy…. This…will…not…turn…out…well.

  7. richard s f

    You do know where your stuff is- packed away in a box- just need to know which one. :D

  8. Vausch

    @Stardust: Likely because he doesn’t talk. Process of elimination puts Gay in charge overall.

    Lech is too likely to abuse the power (moreso than the others), Gimp can’t/won’t talk, Vanity’s too young, Prozac doesn’t know the leadership capabilities of the girls, Tank is Tank, and Nerd can’t garner respect even if he is right about something.

    As for the skits: Who wants to bet Lech picks Gay?

  9. Nikary

    Where did he even get that
    And what makes him think it’s gonna work

  10. YetAnoutherBrian

    The Vote Incentive needs to be on a T-Shirt.

  11. Chris

    This is gonna start something bad, I just know it:P

  12. kath McGill

    “Biting is like kissing, except there is a winner..”
    I am, of course rooting for Sam on this one. While biting is not an option to resolve conflicts, to Sam, his personal space was threatened enough and, if he told the kid to let go (and where were the teachers watching this to get the kid off of Sam?) then if the parent starts making ripples make them right back and say “If your son wasn’t assaulting MY son in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened YOUR son needs to understand there are personal space boundaries!! ”

    to kids though, the world is complicated.

  13. Shenny

    Gay is such a jerk, calling Crack a faker when Gay is the biggest faker of the bears.

  14. Rainey

    Oh Hell, this won’t end well. XD

  15. Caveman1029

    @Admin how do you do those smooth fade backgrounds because I tried copying that style but with the photoshop fade tool it doesn’t look right

  16. YourWorstNightmare

    Wow LOVE the costumes Gay XD not sure is Sara will like them.
    @Vausch I bet so lol

  17. JustPassingThrough

    So, does Gay…just force his ears up under that hat? Cause all of their ears are pretty big…

  18. Michael Sirius

    Oh Gay, it’s like you want Lech to make fun of you. Why else would you put that on your head? Are you trying to instigate.

  19. admin

    @Caveman1029: just the gradient tool

  20. Sparrow9612

    Will Gimp ever talk? Maybe he’s like Silent Bob. He finally speaks when he loses his temper, or something along those lines.

  21. MicaXIII

    wow fuck you Gay

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