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January 11th, 2016

Page 508

The twins have completely switched personalities again.  A few weeks ago, Evan was a stubborn jerk who wouldn’t listen, always talked back, and kept spouting potty talk everywhere (multiple bad notes from school about how disruptive that behaviour was, and worse, that he wouldn’t stop when asked.  Including one memorable note that during carol singing he wouldn’t stop chiming “Jingle poop!”.  Should have framed that one…)  In comparison, Owen was a sensitive little angel who loved to hug and share.  In the last few weeks since Christmas, they totally swapped: I’m ready to chuck Owen out the window and Evan got a special trip to McDonald’s with Jim for his awesome behaviour.  With twins, there doesn’t seem to be a break: if one’s good, the other sucks.  Is this something they are deciding at night??

Vote incentive: to all those complaining that the new Batman/Superman movie is going to be too dark :)  (Also available as a shirt from Neatorama)

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  1. stardust

    I called it! No meditation, no chance of holding it together in another plane. Poor evil. :)

  2. Urago

    Oh, God. Evil’s arm randomly falling off is very disturbing to me.

    Won’t stop reading the comic, though.

  3. T-Shaw

    That’s really really disturbing seeing Evil’s arm fall off.

  4. CorvusCorone68

    is that tree house drawing depicting the Firefly cast if they were all kids?

  5. Glowworm

    That is quite possibly the cutest batman symbol ever! Also, so that’s why Evil keeps falling apart.

  6. YourWorstNightmare

    Well the owl sure is conceited, a cloak and crown, what does he think, he is king of Cracks mind? Lol thats all I could focus on too, he even mad his crown bigger in the last two panels. Poor Evil can’t hold himself together lol

  7. Alister

    @YourWorstNightmare – it might be a metaphor pertaining to confidence. Sort of like “you can be anything you want if you put your mind to it”. Or, it could mean he can become king, or master, of himself.

    Makes sense that Evil is falling apart metaphysically, he can’t keep his sh*t together as a functional bear in the real world, especially when he gets upset.

  8. stardust

    @Alister: Lol

  9. Silka

    … it’s also possible that Evil’s having trouble because he’s not the real original Evil. ^.^;

  10. Constance

    I would have thought Evil would be doing fine in that world. He is the master of pre-meditated mayhem. Lolz.

  11. soman

    hey Alison, great work!
    in reguards to the kids, perhaps they have an agreement or something like that?
    finaly, have you played or heard of a game called Undertale?
    if not, you should totally pick it up.
    trust me, its amazing.

  12. Constance

    As a follow up comment, panel three reminds me of Sid the sloth.

  13. Caveman

    So if evil kills subconscious crack dose crack go brain dead

  14. Ribbon

    That totally explains why Death can make that boat since he meditates ( I think) frequently.

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