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January 4th, 2016

Page 507

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2016 brings you all health and prosperity, and a working oven… I’m still waiting on that last one :P  We’re still getting used to the new house; I hate the paint colour.  The builder gives you a choice from 4 bland, too light options, and the paint is so cheap it comes off when I try to rub smeared booger off the wall… the booger is harder to remove :(

Vote Incentive: also in the New Year’s theme, but what happens to 2015 when his time has come??  An ominous start to the New Year :)

And also, a common resolution themed tee from Woot: spend more time at the gym with Rex :)


  1. Constance

    Lol, poor Evil :p

  2. T-Shaw

    Sorry Evil.

  3. Vausch

    Huh, Death’s booties disappeared.

    Evil’s gonna have to hire an eye wrangler.

  4. Joan

    Aw, where did Death’s cute rain boots go?

  5. Hersheys


  6. Fawnet

    Oh my god, his face. And is that a flying bitter melon?

  7. kath McGill

    the reason why your paint is coming off is your painter put the wrong paint on the walls, He needed to put a semi gloss latex on it, (washable)
    If he knew you had small children and placed the wrong paint on it (hazardous to small children ) you probably can go back to the same company and tell them to repaint the walls (or do it yourself)

    As for the stove- it shouldn’t be rocket science to get a working one. Though the one my hubby purchased had these pieces of card board that if you didn’t remove them in the proper order they would lock the door in place and of course a woman tried to pre heat her oven with out removing them and that was very bad….

    Poor Evil!! In a way I actually feel sorry for him that he’s soo messed up. Its something Crack just doesn’t need right now.

  8. Dinosauregg

    Flying corn on the cob!!! Also, missing Death’s yellow rain boots :(

  9. someunregpunk

    Give us your model number and the manufacturer on the stove. The model number should be printed on a plate of metal or a piece of paper. Sometimes located behind the stove and sometimes located on one of the doors. I running a few apartment buildings, so I have repaired stoves quite a few times. I may be able to help you out if you don’t want to buy a new stove.
    What type of stove is it? Electric or gas?

  10. someunregpunk

    oh and Kath McGill is correct. That really should be semi gloss paint. Any builder worth his salt should have known what type of paint to use…. that is if you didn’t tell him or her that you want the cheapest options there is.

  11. Ed B

    Oh no, Evil has to face non-reality?

    Pay the money and repaint with Aura (you can paint when it is too cold to open windows).
    No smell and you can use any finish (the flat washes as well as the gloss does).
    The colors are great and it works well. I won’t waste my time painting with anything else now.

  12. Urago

    @kath McGill: To be fair, ANYONE would be disturbed at the sight of a cartoon bear with eyes constantly shifting like that.

  13. Faiz

    In the previous page, Death was wearing boots to avoid conducting electricity and at the same time electrocute everyone nearby. Now, he isn’t here at this page. It’s a different story here if those are wings on a cob!

  14. NAZF

    Would it be wrong to say I kinda like Evil’s new look? :3

    Also, lol, the flying corn. XD

    As for why everyone’s not getting electrocuted by Death, they’re not standing in real water as they’re all just in Crack’s mind at the moment. Also, they’re probably not even touching physically (outside of Crack’s mind, that is). That’s just my thought, anyway.

    Happy New Year, everybody. :3

  15. admin

    @Kath and someunregpunk: builder’s grade paint is damn cheap, we knew we’d be re-painting everything eventually. Some rooms we’ll just do sooner than others :P And the oven is brand new so it’s definitely covered. It just sucks to have it busted from the get go, and not be able to use it at all over Xmas (the holiday also being why it’s taking so long for parts to get in.) But definitely thanks for the repair offer :)

  16. Yu Huo

    Maybe you should just repaint the walls in booger? Consider it a future timesaving device.

  17. admin

    @Yu Huo: oh God…

  18. Bry

    uhh…yeaaaa, i’m PRETTY sure your face isnt suppose to do that, Evil… o.O

  19. Bry

    lol omg the flying corn on the cob! xD oh, hey, Crack isnt screaming and running away in terror…see? progress already! :D

  20. Ice Raven

    Nifty ! :P

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