Page 506
December 28th, 2015

Page 506

I don’t often get to re-use a lot of backgrounds so these pages are going a bit faster than usual :)

To anyone that’s been kind of following our moving saga on Facebook, my brand new oven STILL doesn’t work, and we have no idea when the new parts will be in.  Spent some time at my mom’s yesterday to use hers, but it would be nice to finally have everything (phones/internet/dishwasher/dryer… what am I forgetting…) working the way it’s supposed to :P  Now we just have to sell the old house, the sooner the better… stressed.  And despite lots of late night family gatherings lately, the darn kids keep waking up waaaay too early.  It’s probably all the sugar.

Vote Incentive:  Merry Christmas from some of the bears!

New stuff up on Woot:


  1. NAZF

    Firsrlt off, Death seems really happy (or at least wacked out on whatever that stuff was) to be in Crack’s head.

    Second, OH GOD, EVIL, YER FACE, LOL!! XD

    That is all. :)

  2. NAZF

    Also, Death, why so punny? XD

    …Okay, now I’m done. :P

  3. T-Shaw

    What is with the face Evil?

  4. Caveman

    Death looks way to happy to do that pun lol

  5. Michael Sirius

    Good lord man! What happened to Evil?

    Is Death wearing galoshes?

    Also, Merry belated Christmas to you all

  6. Michael Sirius

    Also, maybe this is where Death gets his stash from.
    It’s amazing how calm Prozac has been during all this. I guess Prozac forces himself to be calm when Crack is involved

  7. Urago

    Death looks cute in boots.

  8. Glowworm

    That is the happiest I’ve probably ever seen Death.

  9. Alister

    Those drugs hit Evil so hard he turned into expressionist art.

  10. Rainey

    Crack’s face in panel 5 kills me! LOL!

  11. Faiz

    Noticed Death wearing boots here and that smile is priceless. And what’s with Evil looking like so ****ed up here!?

  12. AJ

    I’m never buying anything ever again at Shirt Woot. NEVER AGAIN.

    Terrible customer service.

    But I still love your comic and hey, if you’re selling your wares at another site (preferably one that ships cheap to Canada), I’m all for trying it out!

  13. admin

    @Alister: lol!
    @AJ:Damn, sorry you had crap service at Woot. I got a poorly printed copy of one of my shirts before, but they sent me a new one no problem. They treat artists well so it’s one of the first places I always sub to.
    Shipping cheap to Canada is always going to be an issue, but the guys at Neato do a great job. They just can’t print any of my designs that Woot owns (like most of the Unstealthiest Ninja series for one):

  14. CorvusCorone68

    hehe this strip reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, by which i mean this current one, not the whole comic strip; Death in boots reminds me of Christopher Robin, there’s an owl, and Prozac has an umbrella, which i believe Christopher Robin had when he wore the boots

  15. Urago

    Also, if Death was also wearing gloves, he could very well pass for a Sonic character.

  16. TaggertShare

    Wow, a chance to enter Crack’s Head. Looks like this type of experience could even cause Evil to crack.

  17. Caveman

    Wait in the real world are they all just laying on the ground

  18. EatingFurniture

    Time to venture into surrealism…

    @Caveman & Glowworm; He almost looks mad. As in insane mad.

    @Michael Sirius; Is there anything to really get Prozac especially angry here?

    Crack looks like he’s trying his best to hold in a freakout in the fourth and fifth panels.

  19. Caveman

    Just realized good thing death is wearing boots so he dosent shock or fry cracks mind :)

  20. Hikaru

    Umm… Evil? What were you doing that caused this?

  21. Solrack

    Whoa, can’t help but think that Death is on some good stuff from the third panel. Out of all the bears, he is the least I expected to have such a big smile on his face.
    Also, I know its very late, but Happy New Year, Ms Acton! And before I forget yet again or get busy with some other stuff, just wanted to say, thanks for creating Bear Nuts and keeping at it all of these years making new pages. Found your site by chance sometime in March or May this year(2015) and really enjoyed what I found here. It one of the little things that brightens up my Mondays when it updates. So yeah, thanks for making these crazy yet entertaining bears. I hope the best for you and your family this year.

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