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December 21st, 2015

Page 505

Welcome to the inner workings of Crack!  It is an empty, cold place, devoid of warmth and feeling… as is my current office.  So glad the bulk of the move is done, but it’s going to be a while before we can get this place set up like we need it.  Our old office was built in so we have to figure out how we want to lay out the new one and then design the space.  Everything’s in boxes and my productivity is in the toilet (the new toilets are pretty nice though, self closing lids!  I had no idea that was a toilet thing??).  It’s just not home yet… gonna be some time.

Vote Incentive: rather annoyed pocket Cat (also available on a shirt at Woot!)

Last day for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery (via express mail) from Neatorama! Pocket Toothless wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!  I’m of course looking forward to Panda 3, but more interested in a ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ :)  Is that happening??


  1. Goma


  2. StoicM

    I love the depiction of cracks inner mind it looks cool.

  3. T-Shaw

    Finally in his mind.

  4. Taila Blu

    I apologize for theorizing on your page like this, but I just had to! …Plus I watch too many Game Theories.

    The dull-eyed bear floating in front of Crack is not only his subconscious, but is also the state he went into when he ate the bird. It’s likely the instinctual, baser part of himself, he didn’t even speak when he was in that state, likely substituting speech with heavy breathing, gurgling, and growling.

    Under all those personifying characteristics, Crack Bear is still, well, a bear. And bears are predators, one of the most feared predators, at that. Nevermind the unnatural fur color or the cute little belly patch, he’s still a predator that can actually harm other animals if he so pleases. Top of the food chain, baby.

  5. Aldin

    HTYD 3 is in the works with a planned release date of 2018.

  6. Pushingcandy

    Can we please please go inception on this bitch and have crack fight himsel

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