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December 14th, 2015

Page 504

The one in which everyone partakes of questionable substances…

We’re moving on Friday!  I still have lots of stuff to do/call/clean/pack/organize.  I’m finding Lego everywhere.  Speaking of, my kids love Lego.  My friend’s kids love Lego.  The kids at the dojo like to tell me about what Lego sets they have…that company is everywhere (the Dimensions game looks really fun, there’s next Christmas for the boys, provided they’ve figured out the whole SHARING thing) and it’s amazing to think about how it all started.  There’s a couple of interesting docs about Lego, especially the one that talks about how they almost went bankrupt (and that the original factory burned down like 3 times).  Normally I might find the ubiquitous of one company to be a bit jarring, but they’re really good.  Sam got the Wall E set for his birthday (it’s adorable) and the neck is a bit wobbly.  It’s not a big deal and he doesn’t care but I guess they got enough feedback that they’re sending everyone who purchased the set (a lot I imagine, it sold out a couple of times) 10 pieces and a new design for the neck joint.  Good job Lego, excellent customer support!  That may be extra buoyed in my head by our recent experience arguing with Rogers about transferring our overpriced internet account :(

Vote Incentive: Nerdy Death, Nerth?  Derd?

Still lots of original art up on my ETSY page, or original BN comic pages (buy stuff so I don’t have to pack it!)

Unstealthiest Christmas 2015 is up now on Woot:

And something a little different (but still kinda festive… there’s red!) a plague mask bird on fire:


  1. T-Shaw

    Evil fainted or went into a trance?

  2. CerealPhreak

    Damn now that I have caught up I have to wait for new ones! I am addicted the waits will kill me haha

  3. Ice Raven

    Stoned Again! :P

  4. soman

    am I the only one wondering where the owl even GOT that?!?!?!

  5. DozerTheDozerian

    Oh yeah, the birdie’s back! :)

  6. YourWorstNightmare

    That third panel XD The look on Evil’s face!!!

  7. Siraj

    I get the feeling Prozac and Death are exactly the two that NEED to be there for Cracked. They’re his rock, and nothing’s going to change that.

  8. Urago

    Evil looks chubby in Panel 1.

  9. calvsie

    I love this owl.
    Also got the first part of my tshirt orders! Nephews are gonna love your designs!

  10. Caveman

    Is that the swans bird from before

  11. Faiz

    Hmmm…… Now this is quite compelling to me.

  12. EatingFurniture

    The archive was updated, hooray!

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