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December 7th, 2015

Page 503

Less than two weeks till moving day!!  I have soooo much to doooo!  By the way, you can help me clear out my office by picking up some original art from my Etsy shop or original BN pages here :)

Vote incentive: my semi Thanksgiving FB update image is a little Glechy :)

New shirt up on Woot this week (not an issue for us so far this year as we haven’t bothered to put up the tree here just to have to move it, although, I’m a pretty lazy decorator all the time…)


  1. richard s f

    My boss has been excitable lately and the herbs he says he takes sin’t helping….could Death give him a hand?

  2. Beebee

    Is it me, or is Death using his shocky hand a little heavy? Not that I’m complaining. He barely appeared in the previous chapter, it’s nice to see Death get a little screen time!

  3. T-Shaw

    Should have used the herbs instead of shocking him. No offense Death.

  4. kath McGill

    No harm no — fowl?
    just what Crack needs, More drugs!!

    Poor Death…
    Oh,.. sorry…

  5. EatingFurniture

    Asking the real questions here.

    I’ve been loving this arc. As always, love the art, especially Prozac and Crack as always. Loving Prozac’s facial expressions, Crack’s everything, (it feels like every time I like Crack even more than I used to, especially here because of how Crack isn’t just “AAHHHHHHHH.”) and I’m starting to love Death. I used to just see Death as an underdeveloped sorta edgy character but I’m really starting to like the personality he’s gaining. I’m not as much of a fan of Evil as everyone else seems to be but I don’t hate him. I’m surprised by the owl’s attitude. I feel like Prozac, Death, and the owl could probably go out and have a very pleasant picnic.

    Kinda starting to miss Lech, strangely enough. But his time will come later.

    (but my aim is getting better!)

  6. Alister

    The owl has a stash omg

  7. Sterling Rodd

    Are these the herbs Prime Minister Trudeau’s gonna legalize? :D

  8. WeirderThanWeird

    We just put up a tree and my roommate was telling me that since her cats litter is made of pine, traditionally the cat will poop under the tree. Not the kind of presents I want.

    Also, I love how much death is in this chapter. :D

  9. N0083rP00F

    I doubt it is since the herbs to be legalized only help in suggestibility regarding various not so healthy foods or food substitutes [McD? yeech.]

  10. Caveman

    What cracked being relaxed never herd not shore if it is even possible.

  11. James

    I just got my Bear Nuts original strip in the mail. I bought the one of Death zapping the swimming pond from a couple of months back. I gotta say Alison’s line work is amazing. The color of the on line version kind of hide them, but in stark black and white, the line art looks amazing. If you’re thinking about buying one, there won’t be a better time. Mine is already framed, and on the wall.

  12. Some Unregistered Punk

    Neat. This owl even reached out to death.

  13. admin

    @WeirderThanWeird: ugh, that’s a new one.
    @James: Thanks! :)

  14. TaggertShare

    Death believes in Electro-Shock Therapy.

  15. I.Q.

    I love this comic! and who knew birds could be pot heads? :no offense to the smokers out their:

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