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February 1st, 2016

Page 511

Almost went to bed without setting this up…tired tonight!  More “inner workings” of poor little Crack (it’s mostly empty in there) and the 1st of Feb is hitting with a temp of +5 or so projected for today.  I think I might go for a run.  Not sure how our famous skating rink/canal/winter festival downtown is going to fare this year…

Vote Incentive: Dooom in a quiet moment…

New designs up today on Woot: ‘Red Fusion‘ and ‘Bad Career Advice‘… which is also red :)


  1. T-Shaw

    Be brave Crack and did anyone see Evil’s head in the third panel?

  2. Bri

    Yes Crack, be brave! :D

    And I just might buy that red panda shirt. I legit laughed at it for a good minute. Genius! xD

  3. M

    Was the red panda shirt by any chance inspired by this ( or is this just an example of convergent evolution?

  4. Luiz

    The last two panels, Crack reminds me Stitch, when he fall on road, feeling that he’s losing the battle against Gantu and decide to strike back using a gasoline truck… yeah I’m a Lilo & Stitch fan lol

  5. Michael Sirius

    Aww, those last 4 panels were adorable. Prozac is so nice, and crack is so cute when he’s trying to be brave.

  6. CoHSteelclaw

    Tee Shirt Idea: Picture of a dog wearing a Star Fleet uniform. He is standing next to an obviously Alien Tree and cocking his leg on it. Caption: “The Star Fleet Canine Corps. To boldly GO, where no dog has GONE before!”

  7. YourWorstNightmare

    awwwww :3 they got your back Crack, even Evil… long as he can catch his head XD

  8. Nicole

    You can do it, Crack!

  9. Gisel

    I absolutely love how the crowns on the owl’s head keep changing XD

  10. Sparrow9612

    The presence of good friends…

    …it fills Crack with determination. ♥

  11. Madmatt

    The red panda shirt is like a gem fusion

  12. Chronamut

    I want the middle right panel just on a tshirt on its own



  13. chase

    Love that the crown keeps changing even more.

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