Page 500
November 16th, 2015

Page 500

PAGE 500!!  It both seems like a lot, and not very much at the same time.  Back before kids, when I was doing 2-3 updates per week, I would have hit this milestone a loooong time ago.  Now I’m so time crunched all the time I’m amazed at that number.  It’s about half way to my original goal (I kind of figured 10 initial characters, 10 books at 100 pages each maybe).  Let’s hope it doesn’t take me another 6 years to get the next 500 pages done :(  I have other series ideas I’d like to work on, I have lists of tee designs I want to do, still gotta pack for the move, and the boys all need haircuts, they look like shaggy unkept beasts.  I think I should go lie down…

Vote Incentive: In honour of Movember :)

Ongoing: Moving and early Christmas SALE! Lots of original art/tee designs/sketches up on my Etsy page, and all BN original pages are also on sale.  Help me clear out my messy office before we move next month :)  I hate moving in December :(

There’s lots of fun holiday stuff up on Woot now too:

-‘Unstealthiest Ninja on Fire’ on zip hoodies, canvas prints, and lots of other stuff!

-‘Zombie Christmas’ phone cases!

-‘Tough Princesses’ on pull over hoodies!

-My superhero kid’s clubhouse designs as canvas prints!

-‘Alphabet Cat’ journals!

-‘Unstealthiest Ninja’ Christmas tee (green) and long sleeved version (red)

-and lastly, ‘Unstealthiest Ninja’ Christmas cards :)


  1. T-Shaw

    Evil calls the bird a true and the bird gets him back.

  2. DozerTheDozerian

    I sure love this bird! :)

  3. Vausch

    Pick your battles, Evil. Know when to quit.

  4. Michael Sirius

    500? Congratulations are in order then. Yes… Congratulations indeed.

  5. Alister

    I’m in love with the backgrounds and shading effects for the aviary. :>

  6. Fewfre

    Congrats on 500! And I almost missed Crack being a footstool.

  7. Glowworm

    Evil gave that bird the bird! XD

  8. Cyzzle

    Congratulations on your 500 pages!
    Though the idea that BN will one day come to an end makes me kind of sad. The humor, the characters, the art/style of BN matches perfectly with my taste. Well, I guess it is a bit too soon to think about an end^^

    Something else: Are you planning to offer some updated posters, stickers new books etc. on dmfcomics? I’d really like to get some of these things one day, but considering that the shipping costs to Germany at least double the price of anything i want to order, i’d like to make sure that there aren’t new things coming that i might miss :)

  9. GameOver

    evils face in the last panel

    evil getting scared over there?

  10. Chaos Wielder

    Yay!! 500 pages! Whoo! Whoo!

    Hope your moving goes well Alison!

  11. YourWorstNightmare

    Congrats on 500!!! It’s going great! I can’t believe he was standing on Crack lol I missed it until it was pointed out XD I like that bird…..Evil looks like he’s thinking about something……SUSPICIOUS!!!

  12. EnviousSpartan

    Grats for your 500th page! :D

  13. EatingFurniture

    I really love Evil’s face in panel 1.

    This was almost the first page in a long time I hadn’t commented on. I didn’t want to just give a generic congratulation, but honestly, this really does deserve one. 500 is a significant milestone. Glad I’ve been able to experience this comic!

  14. Death_Bear

    500 pages!!!! Congratulations. Beautiful comic by the way. ^_^

  15. stardust

    I’m here waiting for the update :)

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