Page 499
November 9th, 2015

Page 499

Page 499!  Getting up there!  This arc reminds me why I don’t do a lot of night time stuff; I keep forgetting to put on the filter effect and having to go back and add it :P  It’s an easy step but not one I usually need to include and apparently my memory is shot…

Ongoing: Moving and early Christmas SALE! Lots of original art/tee designs/sketches up on my Etsy page, and all BN original pages are also on sale.  Help me clear out my messy office before we move next month :)  I hate moving in December :(

Vote Incentive: Walmazan, another Woot artist, beat me on getting a Krampus shirt design done :(  My guy is a little scamp :)

And finally, NEW design up on Neatoshop: Unstealthiest Ninja: Hide & Seek.  He is, of course, “the best”.

And Woot has a bunch of Christmas themed phone cases on sale now, including a holiday celebrating zombie :)


  1. Nikary

    Evil is deeply offended.

  2. Nikary

    And shocked.

  3. stardust

    Bye bye birdy :)

  4. T-Shaw

    That bird cracks me up.

  5. James

    Ooooo Evil has competition now

  6. Chaos Wielder

    Haha Evil vs. Evil bird

  7. Rey

    One page away from 500!

  8. Cam

    I think we’re finally gonna see some Crack past, yay! Also, i like that bird. XD

  9. chase

    Ha. I like that bird.

  10. Caveman

    Don’t get used to that bird it’s probably going to die…

  11. Caveman

    Lol he dropped cracked

  12. DozerTheDozerian

    Go, birdie, go!

  13. Alister

    “You have no idea how much of your kind I’ve EATEN, do you?”

  14. YourWorstNightmare

    @Alister XD that was great! Lol

  15. Glowworm

    Evil just got 1upped by a bird.

  16. Cyzzle

    I have a feeling that this arc is going to be my favourite :)

  17. TaggertShare

    If I were Evil I would give that Bird “The Bird”.

  18. Chuck

    Parrot: Knock Knock!
    Evil: Who’s there?
    Parrot: Interrupting Parrot!
    Evil: Interrupting Parr…
    Parrot: SCREW YOU!

  19. Brian Hibbs

    Is that magic lock picking?

  20. EatingFurniture

    @Brian Hibbs; If Death got his electric feel from magic, then yes.

    I think he’s overriding the electronic lock. Looks like a number pad that you have to have a code for on the door.

  21. DeskBass

    Rip in Pineapples Bird with severe sass

  22. Bry

    if Evil werent reformed, that bird wouldve been on his list way back from the evil double arcs xD

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