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October 19th, 2015

Page 496

It’s finally starting to get cold :(  Frost all over the ground yesterday, will likely spend next weekend winterizing everything… Boo.

Sam turns 6 tomorrow!  I still can’t believe that time has gone so fast, 6 years old and in grade 1!  So far I can still handle the homework :)

Vote incentive:  because it’s now hot chocolate weather…

Unstealthiest Ninja is back!  And screwing up worse than ever (next time he’ll probably be caught drinking on the job).


  1. stardust

    Easy Pro, just ignore him. And yeah. Having someone to talk with is very important.

    And your kiddo is already six?! Where does the time go…

  2. StoicM

    Yes, oh my god the last panel, that was hilarious. Also he was the one to teach about meditation interesting.

  3. Vausch

    Huh. Cara took the lightest shock I’ve seen from someone that’s touched Death so far. That fluff XD

    Gotta say something when everybody else has your emergency medication on them. Prozac’s really been a lot more edge lately.

  4. MrMojo

    Who’s arm is that on the last panel, top left.

  5. Brian Hibbs

    Tank with a straw stuck in his ear, completely disconnected from the events occurring around him, priceless.

  6. Andy

    Who’s light brown paw is that?

  7. soman

    I sincirely hope I pronounced that correctly…

  8. Glowworm

    Cara getting all fuzzy was adorable.

  9. Rainey

    More poofy bears are demanded. >=3

  10. Kiwi

    Awww fluffy bear~

  11. Bry

    aww that was sweet…PMS gave Death contact he rarely gets. <3 and then she goes poof. xD but yea, like Vausch said, Cara was hardly affected. if Death touched anyone else, theyd be stunned (or get a shock in the case of humans, or die in the case of small plants) and Tanked got shocked when he hugged him…but Cara only got a small “hair-standing-up-from-static-shock” type of thing. i wonder if Death has unconscious control…he didnt want to hurt Cara so his power didnt fully activate?

  12. Shenny

    I’m wondering why Nerd sometimes does and doesn’t have glasses each new arc.

  13. Chaos Wielder

    Ha ha ha! The straw stuck in Tanked’s ear and his expression is priceless. Did anyone also noticed how much Cara looked like Prozac’s “Be happy” face in the fourth panel? A ton of similarity!

    Wow Alison! Your kids are turning six already! So fast! Happy Birthday Sam!

  14. Betty

    Surely you mean 6 months. Where did the time go!

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    @Shenny O.O oh thank gosh I thought I was the only one who noticed that! Lol and man Prozac, they got your pills ready quick! Also Cara got fluffed XD

  16. Laura

    Gay keeping it classy-pinky out!
    As for the light brown paw I’m pretty sure it’s Gimp.

  17. IdeaSmith

    If you already have death, why not add Justice? Someone who when angered tends to pyrokineticly set any evildoes on fire?

  18. IdeaSmith

    I rather like my idea, does anyone else?

  19. Bri


    Wow, Sam is 6 already?! Time really does fly. If my memory isn’t wrong and I remember correctly, I started reading this comic before he was born, so it’s amazing to know how long I’ve been reading this series. I didn’t realize it was so long ago; it really only feels like I started around 3 year ago …

    Hahaha at the last panel, I died at that. xD You know it’s bad when …

    And everyone who’s wondering whose paw it is at the top left of the last panel, it’s Gimp’s. :)

  20. T-Shaw

    Cute. Cara looks like an actual Care Bear.


    @Andy: that is obviously gimp :P don’t forget he was there too. loving poofy cara :D

  22. Alister

    Cara looks great with a perm!

  23. Jesse dean

    Lol all of them just get out the pills & are like take them before you kill us, anyways its amazing your baby’s 6 now, they grow up so fast huh?!, & that you inspire me you made the most, funniest, most classic, hilarious & best comic ever & I mean it!

  24. Faiz

    Yup. At least they know what to do when Prozac is about to murder someone.

  25. EatingFurniture

    Everyone forgot about Gimp, huh?

    Also I’m betting that Cara wasn’t hurt because it was only a paw on Death, and Death touching you seems to discharge more electricity than you touching Death. I’d guess that Cara would probably experience more shock than Tank since the shock is more concentrated, but touching Death usually doesn’t hurt much, while Death touching you does.

    Either way, I don’t think Death can control his power. First of all, I’d think he would have known by now how. Second of all, having a bear with superpowers he can control would kind of change the feel of the story in my opinion. Third of all, I think it’s just wishful thinking for a classic happy ending if Death learns to get by his issue, and I think that’d be lazy story writing and I don’t think that’s what the purpose of the comic is. The comic doesn’t have any hints to ending soon, so if Death does learn to get over it, it’ll not be for a long time.

  26. chronamut

    hahaha I love tanked with the straw in his ear :P

  27. EatingFurniture

    I think I just realized how repetitive I think my last comment was, I think.

  28. Urago

    I gotta admit, if I was a cartoon bear and I was with them, I’d find fluffed up Cara funny too like Sara did in Panel 6.

  29. TaggertShare

    With her fur frizzed up Cara looks like Share Bear the Care Bear.

  30. Prince

    Everyone asking whose brown paw that is; Did everyone suddenly forget about Gimp?

  31. Bry

    @ EatingFurniture good point…i havent thought of that. the only other time we saw anyone making direct contact w/ Death was Tanked, and i assumed the only reason he wasnt fazed all that much is bec hes…well…a bit derp. Death made contact w/ i believe it was Cara as well before but he had rubber gloves on. anyway, u could be right…maybe someone making contact w/ him doesnt cause as much pain, but him making contact w/ someone else causes intense pain

  32. Caveman

    Well at the pool you see him angry and that was enough electricity and if we are talking about that tank strip he did shoot a huge blast of energy at the wrestler to protect his friends if he sent that much energy through tanked then he would most likely be dead its more of a feeling the angrier the more shocking maybe he should try Prozac

  33. EatingFurniture

    That would make sense if Death releases more energy if he’s angry. It’s not that he produces more, but he’s not as good at restraining his power when he’s angry.

  34. Bry

    well w/ the whole pool scenario, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing…he left everyone stunned (and probably a bit injured) w/ a satisfied smirk on his face

  35. Bry

    but yes, Caveman, anger definitely fuels his strange power. he doesnt have COMPLETE control, but he is able to regulate the amount of energy that goes into his touch (or blast)

  36. Caveman

    Well with that you would think if he cared/Loved someone *Cough cough* Clara then he would shock them less if you are trying to protect someone I think the last thing you would do is hurt them

  37. Yu Huo

    Surely Death can control his power, but only to a limited extent. Control isn’t an all-or-nothing sort of thing, y’know. He obviously can’t turn it off, or he wouldn’t need to take the steps that he does to mitigate its effects. Likewise, he can perform the ULTIMATE DEATH FZZZZOT or a stepped-down STUNNING FZOT if he needs to, but he doesn’t have to go all out. Seriously, do you think someone as genuinely decent and considerate as Death would even be in the proximity of the other bears if he thought that just brushing up against him would cause them irreparable damage? So, he can’t turn his power off, and he can’t choose its effect… otherwise, he’d be the Gok Wan of the beariverse, delivering fabulous makeovers with barely a touch. That is quite a cute look for Cara, after all, though I imagine it’s going to get a tad bit annoying when balloons and bits of fluff start sticking to her from the static electricity.

  38. Solrak

    Loving the latest page, with PMS puffing up and looking like a Care Bear, and everyone offering Prozac a chill pill. Also, I think I remember seeing that Death has had this same effect of just puffing up someone when touched on a previous page/arc. Still hilarious though.
    I think it was mentioned in the artist’s notes that she forgets sometimes to add them.

  39. Suzu629

    When viewing on the mobile there is a large white space above the comic. Didn’t know if it was just me or a bug when viewing the page on a phone.

  40. Death

    Ahh, yet again another late update, but I’m patient for it.

  41. chronamut

    you seriously need to make a prozak shirt where he’s got that miserable “I hate you all” look on his face.

    I know I’d buy it.

  42. Bry

    @ Caveman i think, deep down, he cares for every single bear, they just try his nerves as much as they do Prozac’s. hes a loner, but (most) loners dont necessarily have to be cold and aloof. sometimes the ones who r the most detached turn out to be the ones w/ the kindest hearts…or a complete dick, theres always that

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