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October 12th, 2015

Page 495

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!  And go early vote!  I took the twins with me and they were very confused for a bit as they thought we were going to ‘BOAT’.  Then I had to try and explain the concept of democracy… Evan pranced loudly around the church hall set up as our polling station, and Owen kept lifting up his shirt at one of the old lady organizers.  Good times had by all.

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Vote Incentive: Crack gets along no better with turkeys…

Still time to order Halloween themed tees from Neato! And then the Christmas shopping season starts!  Or just intensifies??  Costco had the Christmas stuff on the shelves a week after the Halloween stuff went up.


  1. EatingFurniture


  2. stardust

    Takes a dick to know a dick, Evil. :) And poor Cara’s gonna need to hydrate with all those water works. She’s still one of my favorites though.

  3. StoicM

    Y’know for a second it looked like Evil was concerned for Cara then he immediately turned it around. I still love Evil. Still can’t wait to see the explanation for cracks origin though.

  4. T-Shaw

    Really, he just charged without knowing there was a window?

  5. Vausch


    Do keep in mind even the wisest cannot know something they’ve never seen or experienced. If he’s lived in the forest his whole life and didn’t come to civilised areas until recently, he has no way of knowing.

  6. Aldin

    Not very wise if he didn’t know what a window was.

  7. Caveman

    Wise owl is really a dumb ass

  8. Bry

    oh, Evil…u show concern for 5 seconds then u act like that “raging douche canoe” we all love. speaking of that pleasant nickname, what if Crack’s situation is tied to Evil’s little outing w/ him? i mean, hes been listening to these tapes for awhile but this never occured (except for that one night he beat Gay w/ a broom)

  9. DozerTheDozerian

    Heh, Evil made my day!

  10. Chaos Wielder

    Evil shows concern in one panel and you’re all like Aww! And then the next panel he’s back to being a asshole. This is why I love BN.

    Good luck with your kids Alison! Happy you had a good time at the Church!

  11. Glowworm

    That poor, poor grumpy old owl.

  12. Caveman

    Love the vote incentive

  13. TaggertShare

    I like Evil’s brutal honesty. I work in Home Care. A lot of old Men are what are just like that Owl.

  14. GameOver

    Evil, i don’t want that image in my head!

  15. Cyzzle

    Something tells the that the owl isn’t as smart as Death thinks he is.
    Maybe just one of the “say something that sounds philosophical but is absolutely not helpful in the current context” type of wise.

    Also, awesome vote incentive!
    Since “Crack Conspiracy” and especially “A Crack in the Shell” i always freak out when seeing Evil and Crack in one picture.

  16. NAZF

    Windows: a bird’s greatest enemy. XD

    Also, you should know better by now, Evil’s gonna be Evil.

  17. YourWorstNightmare

    You know what I think, I think Evil let himself slip for a second by showing that concern and had to correct it XD

  18. Bry

    Gay has been a bit grumpy this arc i noticed…y is his knickers in a twist?

  19. EatingFurniture

    @Bry; Gay doesn’t have time for Ms. Emotional.

  20. Nicole

    Har! Just catching up. Such a fun comic. And…DEATH! :D

  21. Urago

    So I guess most people don’t like Cara’s mood swings, like with EatingFurniture calling her “Ms. Emotional”?

    It’s probably just a matter of time before the readers get used to it, though, this is what makes her unique.

  22. EatingFurniture

    @Urago; I meant that as Gay’s reaction. I don’t really mind it.

  23. Solrak

    I love the owl’s face in the first three pannels.

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